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Product Variants


If your product provides options, such as size and color, each combination of option values is called a variant for that product.

For example, if a T-shirt comes in two sizes (small and medium) and two colors (blue and orange), it has four variants:

0-Variants Illustration.png

Variants can be created for products with two or more options with different values (example above). Variants can also be created for products with only one option with multiple values (e.g., sizes S, M, and L). Currently, SHOPLINE supports a maximum of 5 options for a single product, and the maximum number of variants that can be added to a product is 500.

The product variants feature provides the following advantages: 

  • You will be able to assign different images, weights, SKUs, and more attributes for each combination of options that your product has.
  • Prices automatically adjust based on customer selection.
  • You will be able to get more precise shipping quotes at checkout if you provide the product variants’ weight and dimensions.


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Adding Product Variants

You can add options and option values to create variants for your product. After you add a product variant, you can adjust that variant's price, inventory, and shipping settings from the product details page. 

You can create up to 5 options. SHOPLINE provides 4 default options that are Color, Size, Materials, and Style.

To create a product variant:

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Products
  2. Add a new product or choose an existing product that comes with different options.
  3. In the Variants section, check This product has multiple variants. Two text fields for you to enter option name and values will appear.
    1-1-Product hass multiple variants.png

  4. In the left field, enter the option name. In the right field, enter its values. Continue to input the next value by pressing Enter or entering a comma. To add the second or more options and values, click + Add the product variations.

  5. (Optional) In the SKU list below, all combinations of option values (variants) will be automatically generated. Set the SKU, Price, Compare price, Cost price, Inventory, Weight, Barcode, Metafields and more attributes for each variant.
    1-2-SKU list.png

  6. (Optional) Under the Inventory Strategy column, you can choose to Track quantity with orders. When enabled, the inventory will change with the sale of goods. You can further check Continue selling when out of stock to allow the product to be oversold when the inventory reaches 0.

  7. Click Add to finish adding product variants.
    1-3-Show in front-end.png



Editing Product Variants

You can edit or remove variants for a product on the product details page. This gives you the flexibility to manage the variants you sell for a product at any time.

To edit product variants:

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Products.

  2. Select the product with the variant you wish to edit.

  3. In the Variants section of the product details page, edit the values of a variant or delete it by clicking the bin icon on the right of its row.
    2-Edit Product Variant.png

  4. Click Update.
You can use the bulk product editor to update the product variants.




Can I delete a specific variation value?

Yes. You can delete a specific variant (Yellow + Small) or delete the option value (Yellow).

Can I have different stocks for each product variant?

Yes. In the Variants section of the product details page or under Inventory management, you can edit the inventory of individual product variants. 

For example, you sell shoes and offer them in multiple colors (Black, Red) and sizes (5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, etc). You want to track the inventory level of every product variant (e.g., Red 7) to know when it’s time to make this variant unavailable for online purchase when its stock reaches zero and replenish its stock. To achieve this, add options Color and Size to that product and create Color + Size variants out of these options’ values, then assign a unique SKU and specify the stock quantity and out-of-stock behavior (Continue selling when out of stock) for each product variant.


Can I create variants in the Livestream room?

Yes, after clicking Add products in the Livestream room, you can proceed to click Add variant, and set up the variants according to the steps outlined above as well. Please note that each variant must have a unique keyword for Livestreams.


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