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Product Ribbons


Product ribbons, also called product promotion labels, are fantastic ways to draw your customers' attention to specific products on your storefront. These colored labels overlay on your product images to make them visually distinct and eye-catching. You can customize these ribbons with your own text, such as “New Arrivals”, “20% Off”, “New”, "Christmas Deal”, or “Free Shipping”.

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> Download our Conversion Booster App to set up product ribbons.


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Creating Ribbons

After downloading the Conversion Booster App, you can easily configure your product ribbons to entice visitors to make a purchase from your store. 

To set up your ribbons:

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Apps.
  2. Find and install Conversion Booster App.
  3. Once installed, click on this App in the Apps section.
    1-Install Conversion Booster App.png

  4. Go to Product Promotion and click Create Label in the upper right corner.
    2-Create Label.png

  5. Customize your ribbon. There are two types of ribbons: 
    • Fixed ribbon: The style is fixed and can’t be changed, but you can customize the texts, color, and size of the ribbon.
    • Image: Several default images are provided, or you can also upload and apply your own images.
    • You can decide where you want the ribbon to overlay on the product image and specify the products or collections to be applied with the ribbon. 
  6. Preview how your ribbon looks on the product details page and in the product list on both PC and mobile devices. To apply the ribbon, switch on Enable Product Promotion Label. This toggle is turned off by default, and you can return to the ribbon editing page to enable it anytime.
    3-Enable Label.png

  7. Once finished, click Renew.

With this feature, customers and visitors will see the product ribbons overlaid on your products in your storefront. Don’t forget to set up corresponding discounts or events for your ribbons.


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