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Deactivating or Deleting Products


On the Products page, you can deactivate or delete products that you have created or are currently on sale. You can also choose to deactivate or delete a single product or multiple products. 

Note: If you delete a product, its product information associated with any orders on hand will not be deleted.


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Deactivating Product

You can deactivate products available in your SHOPLINE store and hide them from your customers. Here are three ways to operate the deactivation:

  • On the Products page, click on a product to enter the product details page. Then, turn off the Activate toggle in the Product settings section.
  • On the product list, you can activate or deactivate a product by clicking on the toggle in the Status column.
  • You can also select the products and modify their status in bulk by clicking the Active/Deactive
Note: When a product is deactivated, it is no longer sold in the store. Please proceed with caution.



Deleting Product

You can delete products from the product list to stop selling them in your store. Here are two ways to delete the product:

  • On the product details page, tap the Delete the product button at the bottom of the page and click Confirm in the pop-up window Confirm to delete.
  • On the product list, select the products you want to delete and choose Bulk edit > Delete item.
Note: Once a product is deleted, its information can't be restored and it will no longer be sold in your store. Please operate with caution.
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