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Hiding and deleting products

You can delete a single product in your store or remove multiple products at once; for example, get rid of all sample products. When you remove a product, it’s permanently deleted from your store but is still displayed in the sales history on the Orders page in your SHOPLINE admin. If you want to hide any product from customers but don’t want to delete it, you can hide it instead. 


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Hiding products

Hiding a particular product from a customer can be useful if you sell seasonal clothes, Holiday specials, or just run out of stock. Hidden products will not be shown to your customers, but will remain in your catalog in the SHOPLINE admin. You can enable them at any time. 

To hide products from customers:

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin, go to Products.

  2. Find the products you want to hide. Toggle off the product status. To disable products in bulk, select products you want to disable and Remove from shelves. 



To show the product in your storefront, turn the toggler back on. 



Delete products

You can delete any product if you are not going to sell it. You can remove test products after creating a store, so when you go live, your customer won’t be confused with the test items. 

If you want to remove a product from a category, you can remove the product from the category. If you want to remove products from the featured products section, you can remove these products from the default storefront category. 

To permanently delete a product from your catalog:

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin, go to Products.

  2. Find a product you want to delete. (Mass-select if you want to delete several products)

  3. Click on the checkbox and select bulk edit to delete the product.


  4. Confirm you want to delete this product.



Get in touch

SHOPLINE has a dedicated local support team for merchants looking for help with their issues and concerns. You can contact SHOPLINE support by reaching out to us through our live chat on your SHOPLINE admin, website, dropping us an email or WhatsApp our customer support with your queries.



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