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Product Bulk Operation

The product bulk operation feature allows you to efficiently update your store's product data by using the Bulk edit button provided in the SHOPLINE admin panel. It aims to help you streamline product management and boost your work efficiency. In addition, SHOPLINE also offers the bulk product import feature, allowing you to edit your products more efficiently.  


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Bulk Edit in the Product List

You can perform batch operations on the current products in the Products section in the SHOPLINE admin panel.

 Go to SHOPLINE admin panel > click Product in the sidebar > select products you’d like 

Below adjustments are supported: 

  • Click the Bulk edit button to edit the content listed below:
    • Edit Name: allows you to add text at the beginning or end of a product name and replace specific text within the product name.
    • Edit vendor: allows you to change the brand name or vendor name. If this field was previously filled for the product, it will be replaced.
    • Add tags: allows you to add existing tags in the store to products, or to add new tags. Click Clear store tags to remove any uncommon tags from your entire store.
    • Delete tag(s): allows you to delete existing tags from the product.
    • Add available channels/Remove available channels
    • Change the price/Change the compare at price: allows you to select either Change to a specified price or Adjustment based on price.
    • Edit product weight: allows you to select either Change to a specified weight or Adjust according to the original weight.
    • Change inventory: allows you to select either Change to a specified inventory quantity or Adjust according to the original inventory. You can also select Track quantity with orders and Continue selling when out of stock.
    • Edit product type: allows you to select a product type or to add a custom product type.
    • Delete item


  • The Enter bulk editor button allows you to edit the following product information:
    • Title
    • SKU
    • Price
    • Compare at price
    • Tax
    • Fulfillment
    • Inventory
    • Tags
    • Product type
    • Vendor
    • Classification
    • Barcode
    • Weight



Bulk Edit on Product with Variants

When your product has variants, you can perform batch operations in the SKU list section.

Below are steps to proceed:
1. Click on products with variants.


2. Go to SKU list section to bulk edit.


The following operations are supported:

  • Change inventory
  • Modify price
    • Price
    • Compare at price
    • Cost price
  • The following operations are supported after you click More operations:
    • Edit weight
    • Set image
    • Inventory tracking
    • Tax
    • Continue selling when out of stock
    • Modify SKU
    • Modify HS code
    • Modify shipping country


  • The Enter bulk editor button allows you to edit the following product variants:
    • Price
    • Compare at price
    • Cost price
    • Fulfillment
    • Fulfillment required or not
    • Inventory tracking
    • Weight



Bulk Edit via Product Import

To update your products in bulk, you can export them into a CSV file, make any necessary changes, and then re-import the file into your system using SHOPLINE's export/import features. Follow the steps below:


  1. At the top of the Products page, click Export products to select whether to export all products, selected products, or all results from the filter. The system will export a CSV file. 
  2. Open the file to edit the following items as needed:
    • Product title (change the product name in either Chinese or English); 
    • Product description, brand name, and image;
    • SEO title and SEO description;
    • Product activate/deactivate status;
    • Product variants, variant name, and attribute value;
    • SKU ID, SKU selling price/original price, inventory, weight, product number, and barcode;
    • Track inventory (T/F)
  3. To update your products, go to Import products > Import locally, upload the modified CSV file and select Overwrite existing products, filling in missing fields from the file where relevant.
Note: To access the import template, you can click Adding Products in Bulk with SHOPLINE Template to check the filling specifications.




Viewing Product Import Processing Progress

When you use a CSV file, you can import a large number of products. SOHPLINE will process these data in real time. To help you stay informed about the import progress, please follow the steps below:


  1. Click the user avatar in the upper right corner of SHOPLINE and select Bulk processing progress.
  2. You can view the current import progress after going to the schedule of bulk processing progress.
Note: If any errors in the product information result in a failed update, you can download the reason for failure on the progress page.



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