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Free Trial

This article provides a detailed introduction to SHOPLINE's Free Trial rules and policies.


In This Article

  • Free Trial Rules
  • Maximizing Your 14-Day Trial



Free Trial Rules

The Free Trial period begins at the time of your initial registration, not when you start working in your store. If you choose a paid plan during the free trial, you won't lose any of the settings you've completed in your store, and no subscription fees will be charged until the free trial period ends.

You are encouraged to set up your store during the free trial. However, you must select a plan before the free trial expires. If you do not choose a plan by the end of the free trial, your store will be paused, and you will not be able to use it until you select a paid plan. If you decide not to choose a plan during the free trial, no action is required to cancel your SHOPLINE account; your account will simply be frozen. However, if you select a plan before the free trial ends and later decide to cease operations for any reason, you must manually pause or apply to deactivate your store to cancel your SHOPLINE account, but any fees paid for the plan will not be refunded.

Note: If your store generates orders during the free trial period, SHOPLINE will charge a 2% transaction fee.



Maximizing Your 14-Day Trial

SHOPLINE provides powerful features to help you create and manage your stores. Use your free trial to discover how these features can enhance your product sales and establish your business.

To make the most of your free trial:

  • Add Products with accurate details to ensure proper display in your stores.
  • Check if your preferred third-party payment providers are supported by SHOPLINE. You can consider applying for SHOPLINE Payments as your third-party payment service provider.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Settings page in the SHOPLINE admin panel to configure taxes, shipping fees, and other sales channels. 
  • Visit the SHOPLINE App Store to discover a wide range of apps that facilitate website building, product and order management, marketing, and complete customer retention.
  • To learn more, refer to our detailed guide Seven Steps to Create a SHOPLINE Store. This article will walk you through each phase of the setup process, ensuring you have all the tools and knowledge necessary to launch successfully.


Note: Please remember that a maximum of three trial stores can be created under one store owner's account. To have more stores, you need to pay for activation.
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