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Gift Offer: Customizing the Style of Free Gift Campaigns on Product Detail Pages


After you create a free gift campaign with the Gift Offer app, it will be displayed on the details page of applicable products by default. Customers can see the campaign banner on the product details page to learn about the ongoing free gift campaign for the product. After clicking, customers can check out the conditions and free gifts for this campaign.

You can customize the banner style and copy text to motivate customers to purchase more products, thus driving sales.


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  • By default, the free gift campaign is displayed as a banner on the product details page.
  • Campaigns don’t share the same settings. You can set different banner styles for different campaigns.
  • Only one banner of free gift campaigns will be displayed on each product details page. If there are multiple free gift campaigns for a product, they will be displayed on the product details page according to the applicable product range of the campaigns. The display will be prioritized as the following: designated products > designated product collection > all products.



Customize the Style of a Campaign on the Product Details Pages

  1. In the Free Gift Campaign List, click to enter any free gift campaign details page.
  2. Click the Edit button in the Custom style module.
    2-2 Gift Offer custom style.png

  3. Click the Product detail page tab.
  4. In the Free gift title section, enter the copy you want to display in the banner.
  5. In Color settings, you can customize the banner color or enable Style following the store theme. The banner preview will change in real time according to the adjustment.
    2-5 product detail page.png

  6. Click Complete.


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