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Pre-order App

You can set up pre-order activities for products that are currently not available for purchase. Pre-order activities can help you anticipate customer demand for upcoming products, allowing you to assess their popularity. You can also use pre-order activities to inform customers that shipping may take longer, and mark orders accordingly on the order management page for future reference.

When creating a pre-order activity, you can flexibly set payment methods and corresponding discounts. Customers can either pay in full or make partial payments when placing an order based on your settings. The pre-order activity app will assist you in editing orders and sending reminders to customers after the order is confirmed.

Once you've set up a pre-order activity, customers can view it on the product details page, enriching your marketing strategies and enhancing customer relationships and after-sales service. Pre-order activities also help customers learn about product launch times and preparation periods, reducing disputes arising from long waits after placing an order.

Pre-order activities allow you to set payment or discounts. If you only want to inform customers about longer shipping periods, you can disable the Payment & discount settings. In this case, customers will see the pre-order information in their shopping cart based on your settings. If you turn on the Payment & discount settings, customers purchasing pre-order items will enjoy discounted prices.

Note: 1) To use the Pre-order activity app, do not turn on the multi-market feature in your store settings if you have turned on the Payment & discount settings. If you have not turned on the Payment & discount settings, you can use the multi-market feature without affecting the pre-order activity. 2)Inventory strategy needs to be set as “Continue selling” for Pre-order APP configuration to be effective.



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