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Calculation Method of Affiliate's Personal Bonus

If the Affiliate's personal bonus is enabled in the Affiliate Marketing System, on the next billing date after you complete the setting, the Affiliate Marketing System calculates the orders of each affiliate in this bill and issues corresponding bonus to the affiliates after the bonus targets are met.


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Calculation Method of Affiliate's Personal Bonus

  • After the Affiliate Marketing System generates a bill, you can view the bill details for each affiliate for that month: the total balance, transaction fee, personal bonus, and team bonus.
  • Personal bonus is calculated based on the affiliate's orders within the current bill, and the specific order calculation range depends on your settings (All referral orders or Only self purchase orders)
  • For orders within the order calculation range, the Affiliate Marketing System calculates the targets achieved by affiliates based on the calculation method you have set (e.g., order amount, product retail price, etc.)
    • Affiliates who do not achieve any bonus targets do not receive any personal bonus within the current bill
    • If an affiliate achieves a specific bonus target, the Affiliate Marketing System calculates the bonus amount that the affiliate can receive in the current bill based on the highest tier of the achieved bonus targets and generates a bonus record at the same time
      • You can view the bonus records and amounts for affiliates on the bonus list page.
      • You can also view the bonus amount for affiliates in the corresponding bill and bill details.
Note: If you have set a billing threshold and some affiliates do not meet the threshold in the current billing period, they do not receive the corresponding bonus for that billing period. Only affiliates who appear in the bill are eligible for the calculation of personal bonus.  



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