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Pre-order: Setting up Email Notifications for Your Pre-order Campaigns


Sending emails to your customers is an effective way to notify them of  their participation in your pre-order campaigns. This provides your customers with a better visibility that their orders may be partially shipped or they will experience longer waiting periods, helping to reduce post-sales issues. You can customize the email template, including the email subject, email body, and placeholders within the email.

This app will send two types of emails to your customers: pre-order notifications and partial payment notifications. In this article, you’ll learn the timing when customers receive these emails and how to enable or disable these emails.



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Pre-order Email Notifications

What is this email?

When a customer places an order in your store and it contains one or more pre-order items, the system will automatically send a notification email to inform the customer which items are part of your pre-order campaign(s).

Note: If a customer purchases pre-order items using the "partial payment" method, they won't receive this email, as they will instead receive the "partial payment" email notification.


Why is this email important?

After placing an order, customers may forget or be unaware that it contains pre-order items. When customers check their orders after some time but find some or all items are not shipped, it can potentially lead to post-sales problems. The pre-order notifications help customers understand that their order includes pre-order items with a longer preparation period for shipping, allowing them to identify which items are part of the pre-order campaign(s).



Partial Payment Notification

What is this email?

When a customer places an order in your store and uses the "partial payment" method to purchase pre-order items, the system sends a payment reminder to inform the customer that their pre-sale order requires payment and specifies the amount of final payment.

Why is this email important?

Following a "partial payment" order, there may still be outstanding payments. The system automatically sends a reminder email to prompt the customer to make the remaining payment for the order.

Note: If the system fails to automatically edit the order, an email will be sent guiding you on how to manually edit the corresponding order. You can refer to this operating guide for manual order editing: Pre-order: Setting up Partial Payment.



Enabling and Disabling Email Notifications

If you don’t want customers to receive email notifications about the pre-order  campaign, you can choose to disable them. The system will no longer automatically send the respective email notifications.


  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Apps and enter the Pre-order app. Install it from SHOPLINE App Store if haven ‘t.
  2. Within the app, switch to the Email notifications tab.
  3. For each email notification, check or uncheck the box to enable or disable the respective email.
    3-1 Pre-order Email Notifications.png



Customizing the Emails

You can customize the body of pre-order activity notification emails. If you prefer not to use the provided generic template, you can modify the email body.


  1. In the Email notifications tab, click on the email notification you need to edit the template for. This will open the template editor in a new tab.
  2. In the Email subject section, you can customize the email's title.
  3. In the Logo section, you can adjust the logo image. You have the option to upload a new logo of your own choice. By default, your store's logo is displayed.
  4. In the Rich text section, you can modify the displayed content. By default, the customer's order number is shown.
  5. In the Email Content section, you can customize the email' content, including the title and body of the email. You have the freedom to customize the text, font size, color, alignment, and more.
  6. In the Button section, you can customize the text on the button.
    Note: Please refrain from adjusting the jump link of the button in the editor, as this could result in your customers being unable to go to the correct page for viewing or making payment.
  7. In the Product list section, you can change the list title. The list will display the pre-order products within the order, including product images, names, and quantities. The content displayed in the product list can't be customized.
  8. Click the eye icon to display or hide a component in or from the email. Hold the six-dot icon to drag and drop a component to desired position. Hover over a component to reveal these two icons.
  9. You can preview the email in the middle pane in real time. After verifying the content and style of the components, click Publish to update the email template.
    4-1 template editor.png



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