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Activity Settings in Cart Upsell - Progress Bar

In the Cart Upsell - Progress Bar app, you can configure activities for your store, and customers can view these activities on the cart page. As customers meet specific consumption goals, the app automatically applies discounts. For instance, you might set a 10% discount for purchasing 1 item, a $20 discount for purchasing 2 items, free shipping for purchasing 3 items, or an unconditional return or exchange policy within 7 days for purchasing 4 items. For example, when a customer adds 1 item to their cart, they can enjoy a 10% discount on the items in the cart. When they add 3 items to the cart, they qualify for free shipping on the cart's contents.

This app effectively encourages customers to add more items to their carts. Once you've set up an activity in Cart Upsell - Progress Bar, you can monitor the corresponding data within the app.


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Feature Upgrade Explanation

After November 13, 2023, the app will generate unique coupon codes based on customers' add-to-cart behavior to prevent code leakage.

Points for Attention:

  • In the merchant's SHOPLINE admin panel > Discount, you will find new discount code campaigns. The rules of these campaigns will be configured based on settings in the Cart Upsell - Progress Bar app. If you need to adjust the rules for new campaigns, please make modifications on the Cart Upsell - Progress Bar application page.
  • The quantity of discount codes in new campaigns will change dynamically depending on customer add-to-cart behavior. To prevent the generation of excessive unused discount codes, any codes not utilized at checkout within 24 hours of generation will automatically be removed.
  • Old campaigns created by the app will be set to expire after seven days. Discount codes already applied by customers will remain valid during this period and will not affect the use of the discount. After seven days, the old campaigns will expire and become ineffective. Customers who meet the conditions will then be able to use coupon codes from the new campaigns.



Precautions for Setting Cart Upsell - Progress Bar

  • For each store, you can only establish one cart upsell rule. Once you set the activity, customers can view the cart upsell progress bar in the shopping cart.
  • The cart upsell progress bar is exclusively visible in the shopping cart and will no longer appear on the checkout page.
  • There are four types of cart upsell rewards:
    • If the reward you set is a Percentage discount, Fixed amount, or Free shipping, the app will automatically apply corresponding rewards for customers when they reach the corresponding consumption goals, and you do not need to set it manually.
    • If the reward you set is Custom, the app will only display the copy you've set and will not automatically apply any discounts when customers reach the corresponding consumption goals. You need to ensure that the appropriate discount is configured for the store, and the app only displays activity information, such as shipping within 24 hours, unconditional return or exchange within 7 days, gift paper packaging, and complimentary samples as gifts.
  • You can set up to 4 goals. The app will apply the reward corresponding to the highest goal achieved by the customer each time.
  • Once you set a discount and a customer reaches the goal, the app will automatically generate a discount code, which you can view in the discount code admin. The rules of this activity will follow the app's settings.
  • When your customers enter the cart page and meet the activity conditions set in the app, the system will generate a unique discount code each time, and each person can only use the discount code once to prevent its leakage. In your SHOPLINE admin panel, you can see the number of discount codes generated under the discount code campaign.
  • If a customer has manually applied the discount code before entering the cart page (for example, by clicking "Apply" on the discount coupon in the product detail page), meaning the discount code already exists in the shopping cart before the cart upsell progress bar is displayed, the app will no longer automatically apply the discount code for the customer.
  • If the customer clicks "Buy now" directly to the checkout page, the app will not automatically apply any add-on sales reward.
  • To ensure that customers can normally enjoy the discount set in the app, you can disable the discount code input box on the cart page. 
  • With this input box enabled, your customers may not be able to remove the discount code of the cart upsell progress bar from the cart but can remove it from the checkout page.



Setting Cart Upsell - Progress Bar

Access: On the homepage of the Cart Upsell - Progress Bar app, click "Set up now."

The steps for setting up an activity are as follows:

  1. In the activity setting page, you'll encounter a prompt banner. Click "Go to settings" to navigate to the checkout settings page. Here, you can choose "Offer code can only be used on payment page" to disable the discount code input box in the cart page. This action ensures that the discount code input item will not be displayed in the shopping cart.

  2. Under the Display progress bar section, you can enable or disable the activity within the app using a switch. Please ensure to enable this switch after the activity is set.

  3. Under the Trigger product section, you can set the products that trigger the cart upsell progress bar.
  • Only after the customer adds the specified product to the cart will the cart upsell progress bar be triggered and displayed on the cart page. It's important to note that every product in the shopping cart will be counted towards the consumption goal, not just the product selected on the product setting page. 

  • However, certain special items, such as free gifts and add-on items, will not be counted towards the consumption goal.
  1. Under Activity settings, proceed with the following settings:
  • Reward Conditions and Consumption Goals: Here, you can choose how to calculate the consumption goal.
    • Product value in cart archives specific amount: Set the value of product(s) in the cart for unlocking the reward.
    • Product quantity in cart achieves specific amount: Set the quantity of products in the cart for unlocking the reward.
  • Reward Settings: Here, you can set the goals and rewards for customers when they reach the goals, reward animations, and customized goal copies.
    • Percentage discount: Set the discount in percentage when customers reach the consumption goals. 
    • Fixed amount: Set the amount deducted when customers reach the consumption goals.   
    • Free shipping: Customers can enjoy free shipping when they reach the consumption goals.
    • Custom: You can customize the rewards offered to customers when they reach the consumption goals. The app only displays the copy corresponding to this reward and will not automatically apply the reward. You need to ensure that the corresponding reward is available in the store, such as premium gift packaging, 12 interest-free installments, and shipping within 72 hours.
  • Enable Animation: If enabled, an animation will be displayed when customers reach the consumption goals.
  • Change the Copy/Message: Click to set the copy/message in the Action section.
  • Add Tiered Goal: You can set up to 4 goals. The app will apply the reward corresponding to the highest goal achieved by the customer only each time.
  1. Under Custom Section, You Can Proceed with the Following Settings:
  • Show target icon or not.
  • You can choose the milestones to Show all stage goals or Show current stage goals.
  • Under Distribution settings, there are two choices for the progress bar’s distribution: Divide equally according to stage or Distribution according to stage threshold
  • Color settings: Customize the color of the Progress bar background, Goal progress bar, Progress completed bar, Icon Color, Module background, Title text, and Reward text.
  • You can view the color you set in real-time in the preview area on the right. Please save after confirming the color.
  1. In the preview section, you can preview the progress bar unfinished and completed styles by adjusting the product quantity and price.
  • You may have different settings for copy, color, and animation for goals not achieved and goals achieved.
  • To facilitate checking the style of the progress bar in the store, adjust the product quantity and price in the preview area. Change the product quantity by adjusting the number in the quantity selector, and the total price will change accordingly. You can also click the price on the right side of the item and customize the unit price of this item by modifying the price bubble.
  1. Click Create or Update.
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