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Data Overview

The Member System data overview provides a collective display of commonly used member data and member analytics, which enables you to quickly understand the current status of store members and provides data reference for member analysis.



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Data Overview Page


The data overview page is divided into a metrics section and a graphics section. The metrics section displays common operating data such as the number of members in the member system, member sales, and member’s returning rate. The graphics section includes line charts showing the changes in important metrics over time, such as the number of new members, points issued and successful invitations in the last 30 days. Such metrics and graphics help you quickly understand the current status of your store’s membership operation.

Go to Member System > Analytics  to check the dashboards.


Data Overview Metrics

  • Members: The total number of members of your store.
  • Sales: The amount of successful orders placed by all members.
  • Average order value: The total amount of all member orders divided by the number of orders.
  • Returning customer rate: The average returning rate of members at your store.
  • Rewards: The total number of non-point rewards issued by the member system.


Charts section

It displays key metrics of multiple modules and line charts showing the changes over time.

These modules include member analytics, point analytics, referral analytics, member price product analytics, store credit analytics, and gift card analytics.



Analytics Report Page

The analytics report page provides you with detailed analysis reports for each functional module. The data includes basic data and detailed data, and the specific data metrics vary according to the functional modules. Go to Member System > Analytics > Select the functional module you are interested in > View report.


You can see key metrics relevant to the respective function module and line charts showing their changes over time.

For example, basic metrics in the Point Analytics Report page include Points distributed, Points spent, Orders, Sales, Points available, Redemption rate, Points discount amount, and ROI.


Detailed data is usually presented in more granular dimensions.

For example, detailed data in the Point Analytics Report page includes points by issuing mode and by using mode, number of point issuance/redemption, and points received/consumed. 

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