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Applying for SHOPLINE POS Terminals


SHOPLINE Payments bridges your SHOPLINE POS sales channel and POS payment terminal, reducing reconciliation issues with manual payments, and offers  your customers a reliable, secure, and convenient payment experience.  It allows your customers to make payments using credit cards, debit cards, and e-wallet, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, WeChat Pay, Alipay Pay, GrabPay, Atome, and more. 

Note: Card schemes and payment methods may vary according to country or region.



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Activating SHOPLINE Payments for Your POS

To empower your retail business, SHOPLINE Payments now supports the POS sales channel. If you haven't completed the application for SHOPLINE Payments, go to your admin panel > POS > Settings > Payments > Modify payment plan and click Activate now. You must complete SHOPLINE's customer due diligence to receive payments with your payment terminals. Once your application is approved, both the online and offline payment options are enabled for you.

Note: The POS payment option of SHOPLINE Payments does not accept applications from individual accounts.


If you only conduct POS transactions and don’t require SHOPLINE Payments’s online payment option, please contact us via SHOPLINE Admin's real-time chat to activate offline POS transactions only. For information on SHOPLINE Payments online payment, refer to Applying for SHOPLINE Payments and SHOPLINE Payments FAQ.



How to Get a Payment Terminal

Once your application for SHOPLINE Payments for the POS channel and the advanced verification are approved, go to  your SHOPLINE admin panel to apply for POS terminal(s).

  1. From the left navigation bar, click Channels and select POS.
  2. Go to Settings > Payments > Modify payment plan, select the  store that you want to install terminal(s), and click Pos Payment Management.
  3. Click Terminal Management > Get Terminal, select the terminal model and quantity based on your needs. You can learn about the terminal by clicking Terminal  Information. After confirming the model and quantity, click Next Step.
    Available models vary by region. See below:
      • Australia: Adyen S1F2, Adyen V400m
      • Singapore: Adyen S1F2
      • United States: Adyen S1F2



  1. On the Store Information page, select your store, and confirm your business form, company name, email, and contact phone number. Then fill in the other store information required for the terminal application and click Submit Data. If you see no stores available on the Store Information page, return to the previous page (Terminal Management) and click Bind a store.

    Note: You can submit an application for only one store at a time. If more than one store needs to apply for a terminal, please submit applications separately. Application-related notifications will be sent to the Store Email you provided.
  2. Wait for SHOPLINE Payments team’s review (expect 1-3 business days after your KYC approved). You can check the review status and result by clicking View Details  on the Terminal Management page.

  3. Once your application is approved, you will receive an email for the rental details. Approved and Unpaid tags will appear on the Terminal Management page. click View Details to complete the transfer.

  4. Click Upload proof of payment and the transfer account details will appear. It is recommended to include a note of your business name during the transfer to help SHOPLINE staff quickly verify your transaction.


  5. Once you finish the transfer, click the Transfered. Please upload proof of payment button, fill in the transfer amount and upload the transfer proof, then click Confirm Submission.

  6. Wait for the staff to confirm the receipt of the rental. Once confirmed, SHOPLINE staff will contact you to complete the installation and set up the payment terminal.



Viewing SHOPLINE Payments Transaction Records

You can view all your POS transactions of a terminal in your SHOPLINE Payments account.

  1. In the POS sales channel, go to Settings > Payments > Modify payment plan > Account to enter your SHOPLINE Payments Account.
  2. Switch to the Transactions tab. Then input the terminal’s serial number in the search box and click the magnifier icon. all transactions of the terminal are displayed.

  • To learn more details of a transaction, click the View button to the right of the row.

  • You can also download the transactions as a report. Click the Export Statement button in the upper right corner, choose Transactions or Integrated Statement (Monthly), and click Apply to export the report.




How to Renew Your Payment Terminal

You will receive a renewal email before expiring. You can check the expiration date of the terminal on the Terminal Management page. You should pay the renewal fee before the deadline that is sent with the email, otherwise SHOPLINE staff will uninstall the terminal.



How to Return Your Payment Terminal

If you no longer want to use the terminal, you should return the terminal to SHOPLINE. Contact us following the instructions below.

  1. On the Terminal Management page, click View details.

  2. Click the  Return button next to the terminal. 

  3. In the dialog box, check the terminal to be returned, and click Confirm. SHOPLINE staff will contact you for uninstallation.



Frequently Asked Questions

How to connect the POS payment terminal to Wi-Fi?

Before attempting to connect the terminal to Wi-Fi, ensure that your Wi-Fi password is at least 8 characters long. Otherwise, the terminal will not be able to find your Wi-Fi network.

Why can't I get a POS payment terminal?

There are several reasons preventing you from purchasing a POS payment terminal.

  • Your application for SHOPLINE Payments failed the review.
  • You haven’t set up payment methods.
  • Terminal management review failed.

Ensure you have completed the above requirements. If you encounter other issues when renting a POS payment terminal, contact us through live chat in your SHOPLINE admin panel.

What should I do after paying the rental for the POS terminal and receiving the hardware device?

Our Merchant Success staff will contact you to arrange the delivery of the POS payment terminal to you.

What types of POS terminals does SHOPLINE support?

We currently support two models of POS payment terminals: Adyen series S1F2 and V400m.

Why can't my POS payment terminal accept payments?

  • Confirm whether the terminal is powered on and connected, and whether the last transaction was completed (bill printed).
  • Check if the store has activated the corresponding card type payment.
  • Check if the terminal software version is the latest. If not, please update to the latest version. If the update fails, please contact Adyen@support.com.



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