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OneShip User Guide

Unleash your e-commerce with Oneship's ultimate shipping solution for easy and fast deliveries. Streamline order management, shipments, courier bookings, parcel tracking, and COD payments from multiple channels in one platform for increased efficiency, improved operations and faster business growth.

For more information, visit the OneShip site here.


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Authorize SHOPLINE to OneShip


Step1: Navigate to [Apps] from your SHOPLINE Admin and search for the OneShip App.


1. Search for OneShip.png

2. OneShip app.png


Step2: Click [Install], then redirect you to the OneShip registration page, where you will be prompted to fill out the necessary information to get a free OneShip account.

3. Sign up for a free account.png


Step3: Review the terms and select [Authorize and install] to grant permission to third-party developers to perform certain actions with your shop data.


4. Grant authorization.png


Step 4: Log in to OneShip portal, navigate to [Settings] > [Your Store] to check the store authorization.

5. Check store authorization.png

OneShip app installation is completed. SHOPLINE orders within the past 30 days will be automatically synced to OneShip,then you can start shipping via OneShip.

📍Note: Each SHOPLINE store can only be authorized to one OneShip account, and one OneShip account can be connected to multiple SHOPLINE stores.



Get OneShip shipping options on SHOPLINE checkout page

Step 1: Log in to OneShip portal, navigate to [Settings] > [Your Stores] > [Stores Settings], jump to [Shipping Rates at Checkout] > [Settings]. Complete the Default Size and Weight, [Save and enable] the feature.



Step 2:Log in to SHOPLINE portal, navigate to [Settings] > [Location], [Add a location], choose one as the default location, which determines the shipping services available to you.

🕹Note: It is recommended that the default location in SHOPLINE should be consistent with the sender address on OneShip.



Step 3:  Navigate to [Settings] > [Shipping and Delivery], go to [General shipping rates] and click [Shipping rate setting].

Click [Add shipping rates],tick [Use a Carrier or third-party app to calculate rates] and select OneShip Shipping.



Step 4:Select the shipping services you would like to provide to your customer, configure the Procession fee, and click [Done].




Step 5:Remember to click Update to complete configuration of Carrier freight rates. At this time, multiple shipping options from OneShip are displayed for customers at the store checkout page.




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