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Initiating SHOPLINE Payments Refunds


SHOPLINE Payments supports full or partial refunds for paid orders within the last 180 days. This guide explains how to issue SHOPLINE Payments refunds.


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Initiating a SHOPLINE Payments Refund

You can also refund without creating a return or cancel the order and issue a refund. Here's how:

  1. Go to Orders in your SHOPLINE admin panel. Select the order you want to refund to access its details page.

  2. Click Refund to begin the process.

  3. Enter the quantity of products refunded, any refund notes, and the refund amount. Optionally, check Send notification to customer. Then, click Refund.

After issuing the refund, check its status under Transactions > Refunds in your SHOPLINE Payments account.



Important Considerations


Refundable Balance

Ensure you have sufficient balance in your SHOPLINE Payments account to cover the refund. The amount will be deducted from your balance. Contact your account manager if you wish to top up your account for refund purposes.

You can check your balance by going to Settings > Payments > Account in the SHOPLINE Payments module, then proceed to Overview > Account Balance.

Note: The security deposit included in your account balance cannot be used for refunds.


Refund Amount Limits

SHOPLINE Payments allows partial or full refunds, but the amount cannot exceed the original order's payment total. A service fee, based on your subscription plan and the countries/regions where your business is registered, will be charged for each refund. This non-refundable service fee is deducted from the refund amount. Once processed, the system automatically updates the order's payment status. If a refund fails, only the refund amount is returned; the service fee is not. 

Note: You can only refund orders processed within the last 180 days.


Refund Timeframe

When a refund is submitted to the banks, it will be marked as successful on our system. The time it takes for the refunded amount to appear in the customer's account depends on their bank.

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