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Stripe Payment Refund

What is Stripe?

Stripe is an American technology company that allows both private individuals and businesses to receive payments over the Internet. 

To use Stripe to collect payment in SHOPLINE, you will need to apply for a Stripe account and complete the settings in Settings > Payments.

After setting up Stripe as a payment option in SHOPLINE, your customers will be able to pay on the checkout page in your shop directly, without needing to redirect to another payment page.

Before you set up Stripe as a payment method, please note the following:

  1. When you apply for a Stripe account, it requires your bank account information. The bank account must be located in the country where your settlement currency is based. For example, if you apply for a Singapore Stripe account, you will then need to link a Singapore bank account. 

  2. Transaction fees for Singapore Stripe account:  3.4% + SGD 0.50* per successful card charge. 

  3. There is an additional fee of 0.80%, 0.40%, or 0.20% according to the plan you are on.

*Fees may differ from time to time.

For the latest transaction fees, please visit: https://stripe.com/en-sg/pricing



Stripe payment Refund

For Stripe payments, you can perform a partial refund or a full refund on all successful payments. Refunds use your available Stripe balance, which doesn’t include any pending balance. If your available balance doesn’t cover the amount of the refund, Stripe debits the remaining amount from your bank account. To view a list of all your refunds, go to the Refunded payments page in the Dashboard.

It’s possible for a refund to be held in a pending state due to a negative balance on your account. In this situation, top up your account balance or enable auto-debits to process the refund. Read more about pending refunds on Stripe Support.


You can issue refunds by using the Refunds API or the Dashboard. Stripe immediately processes refunds, which can’t be canceled. You can issue more than one refund against a charge, but you can’t refund a total greater than the original charge amount.

Stripe processing fees and taxes cannot be refunded.


For example: 

The total transaction amount is SGD 5.30. 

  • Stripe will charge a transaction fee of 3.4% + SGD 0.50 per successful card charge. (SGD 5.30 x 3.4%) + SGD 0.50 ≈ SGD 0.68

  • 8% GST - SGD 0.68 x 8% ≈ SGD 0.05

The total fee* for this transaction will be SGD 0.68 + SGD 0.05 = SGD 0.73, and this fee will not be refunded. If you cancel this transaction and refund your customer, the customer will receive a full refund (SGD 5.30). The refunded amount will be deducted from Stripe Balance.

*Fees may differ from time to time.

To refund payment on Stripe dashboard:

  1. Find the payment you want to refund in the Payments page.

  2. Click the overflow menu () to the right of the payment, then select Refund payment.

  3. By default, you’ll issue a full refund. For a partial refund, enter a different refund amount.

  4. Select a reason for the refund. If you select Other, you must add a note that explains the reason for the refund. Click Refund.

Alternatively, you can click on a specific payment and issue a refund from its details page. For more information, kindly head over to https://stripe.com/docs/refunds?dashboard-or-api=dashboard




SHOPLINE has a dedicated local support team for merchants looking for help with issues and concerns. You can contact SHOPLINE support by reaching out to us through our live chat on our website, dropping us an email or WhatsApp our helpdesks with your queries.



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