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Customizing Engaging Member Pop-up Panel 


Increase signups and member engagement with a customizable member pop-up panel in your store! This guide will show you how to activate and personalize the panel using the Member System plugin.


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Designing the Member Panel

Customize the member panel to match your member management strategies: 

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Apps > Member System.

  2. Within the Member System app, go to Branding under Display.

  3. Configure the following for the pop-up panel:
    • Panel for Visitors: Customize the visitor panel with modules introducing points accumulation, membership levels, and referral rules to entice signups. 
    • Panel for Members: Design the panel for members to view and manage details like store credits, gift cards, rewards, points, member statuses, and referrals.
    • Theme: Style the header and basic settings, including theme color, button text color, header text color, and more.  
    • Launcher: Configure the launcher icon settings like content, layout, position, and colors.
  1. Click Update to save your changes. 



Activating the Member Panel

To enable the member panel to appear in your store, simply go to the Overview section in your Member System app and toggle on the switch for Enable member panel.


You'll now see the launcher icon displayed in your online store. Clicking this icon will pop up the member panel for your customers.



  • Once installed, the Member System plugin automatically displays the panel by default.
  • If you need to hide the panel while configuring rules, disable it temporarily and re-enable it once complete.


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