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Member System - Email Push

The Email Push can help you automatically push emails to your customers in specific scenarios. SHOPLINE has pre-configured scenarios and email contents for different notifications, and you can set whether to enable push or not or modify the contents to create more brand-specific emails.


Table of Content



Enable/disable emails

Method 1: [Member System] - Enter the system and click on [Emails].


Method 2: [Member Program]- Points / Referrals / Store Credits / Gift Card Module - [Email Push] - [View More]


Enable/disable the Email Push:

Click to enable or disable the email push feature.


The following email push functions are enabled by default in the system and need to be disabled manually:

Membership level:

  • Become a member for the first time: Push when customers became a member for the first time
  • Membership upgrade: Push when customer's membership is upgraded
  • Membership downgrade: Push when customer's membership is downgraded
  • Birth month discounts: Push when distributed birth month discounts

Points changed: 

  • Points earned: Push after customers are rewarded based on the merchant's configured point acquisition method (Note: Email templates for birthday bonus points need to be configured separately.
  • Birthday points rewards: Push when distributing points at customer's birthday
  • Points redeemed: Push when customers redeemed points (e.g. use points for cash credits or discount codes).
  • Points expiration notification: Push when points are going to be expired.


  • Invited successfully: Push when customers invited someone successfully and get the reward points.


  • Store credits received: Push when customers received store credits via configured distribution methods.
  • Store credits redeemed: Send when customers used store credits.
  • Credit expiry notification: Push when store credits are going to expire.
  • Refund with store credits: Pushed when refunding with store credits on the order details page.

Gift card: 

  • Email to gift card recipient: When a customer sends a gift card as a gift to someone, send it to the person who was gifted.
  • Buyer confirmation email: Send to customers when they send gift cards to others as a gift.
  • Gift card expiration notification: Send when a gift card is going to be expired.
  • Gift card purchases: Customers buy gift cards for themselves and send them after the order is paid.



Set Email contents

Step 1: Select a specific scene and click on the [edit] to access the email edit page

Note: The Lite subscription plan has no email editing rights, please upgrade to the Growth or Pro plan to access this function.


Step 2: Set up the email subject

You can set the email subject, for example Congratulations! You have earned new



Step 3: Set the brand logo

You can upload your brand logo to make the email more recognisable.


Step 4: Set the email contents

You can set your own email content here. Dynamic contents such as "shop name", "customer name", and" changing points" can be inserted into the email by clicking on the "dynamic source" next to the input box.


Step 5: Set the button

You can set the button copy in the email and set the button colour, copy colour, jump link, etc.


Step 6: Set the email signature

By clicking on the 'Rich Text' component, you can customize the signature of the email or insert a customer service email address.


Step 7: Update settings

Click 'Save' in the top right corner after completing the modification, after that the system will automatically review the email content. Once the review is approved, the edited email template will be officially activated. 


  • Before approval, emails will continue to be pushed using the previous email template.
  • The approval process usually takes a few minutes. If it takes a long time to be approved, please contact customer service to check the situation.




Sending emails to customers

If you have enabled the email sending scenario and there are customers who meet the email release rules, the system will automatically send an email notification to the customer. The language of the emails will be consistent with the language of the online shop you have set up.

To set the online shop language: [Settings] - [Language]




Get in touch

SHOPLINE has a dedicated local support team for merchants looking for help with their issues and concerns. You can contact SHOPLINE support by reaching out to us through our live chat on your SHOPLINE adminwebsite, dropping us an email or WhatsApp our customer support with your queries.