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Extra Checkout Field

Extra Checkout Field, allows you to display setting statements or other checkout information on the Checkout page.

You can use the Extra Checkout Field to display the information your customers want to learn, such as delivery instructions, return policies, discounts, and more.

It can not only improve the appearance of the checkout page but also enhance customers' trust and reduce the time customers spend in the checkout process, thus increasing your conversion rate.

After reading this article, you'll learn how to set an extra checkout field on the checkout page.


In This Article



Introduction to the app 


Go to SHOPLINE App Store > search for Extra Checkout Field > Install, and the system would direct you to the app. 


On the left, SHOPLINE provides a copywriting sample that you can freely edit and modify. Your modifications can be previewed in real-time in the display area on the right. The feature is enabled by default, and you can switch the toggle anytime.



The app supports various operations, such as editing font and color, changing layout and format, and inserting images. To ensure the security of your checkout income, it is advisable to complete this setup before launching your store.




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