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Highlight Top Products with Product Pin


Product Pin can help you highlight products that you want to showcase in your store's categories. By creating pinned links and sharing them on other platforms for product testing, you can identify popular trends with ease and boost store sales.

This article will explain how to install this app, create pinned links, and manage them.


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Installing and Using Product Pin

You can go to the App Store to find and install it. The steps are as follows:

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, click Apps > Go to App Store.
    Group 1.png

  2. Search for Product Pin and click Install.
    1- app store product pin.png

  3. Return to the SHOPLINE admin panel > Apps to select and use the app.
    2-Apps page.png



Creating Pinned Links

Here are the quick steps to create a pinned link:

  1. Click Create new link to enter the creation page.
    3-create a new link cta.png

  2. Choose a collection in the pop-up window and click Select.
    4-select collection.png

  3. Enter a name for the link to help you identify and manage it.
    5- link name.png

  4. Select up to 30 products from the collection in the Products pinned on top section and click Add.
    6-select product.png
    6-1 select product (1).png

  5. Click Display hot products in priority to sort the featured products. The order is determined solely based on current sales volume and does not update in real time.
    7- display hot product in priority.png

  6. Afterwards, choose the display position for products placed at the top:
    8- display position.png
  • Select Only homepage of category page to showcase products at the top of the corresponding category page.
  • Select All pages of category page to pin on every page when multiple pages fit the category.
  • You're not limited to selecting products placed at the top of the chosen category. You can choose any product.
  • Products placed at the top won't actually be showcased to your store's main page. They are only accessible through the pinned product link.


Upon saving your changes, the system will generate the latest UTM links for you, including both long and short link options. Each configuration update will make past links invalid. 

If you wish to keep links unchanged despite product adjustments, it’s best to use short links.
9-copy long and short ink.png



Managing Pinned Links

After creating your pinned links, you can view and manage them on the list page:

10-manage link ctas.png

  • Click Preview (the eye icon) to visit your store and preview the effect.
  • Click Get link (the clip icon) to select links for testing: short links, ID-concatenated long links, and SEO information-concatenated long links. Short links are recommended.
  • Copy or delete the link as needed.
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