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Calendar Booking-In-Store Service FAQs


The Calendar Booking-In-Store Service plugin offers booking services, allowing you to specify available times, locations, and staff members for appointments. 

If you operate hair salons, beauty shops, manicure salons, gyms, or other service-oriented businesses, you can enjoy the following advantages with the Calendar Booking-In-Store Service:

  • A smart management system provides a clear view of the booking status for each order.
  • Effortlessly manage your service resources, improving both the efficiency and experience of your services, while also saving time on management tasks.


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Basic Settings

After installing and authorizing the Calendar Booking-In-Store Service, proceed to Settings to complete the basic configuration. The relevant details for configuration are as follows:

  • Rest Date: On days when the business is closed, booking services are not available. You have the option to add multiple break periods, with a maximum limit of 100 rest dates.
  • Text: The entered text will be visible on all your store pages. Please be aware that this text setting will be universally applied across all language environments.
    You can also restore the default template for the frontend text display by clicking the Revert to default template.
  • Order Notification: With this feature activated, the system will automatically send emails to notify both customers and merchants about successful bookings, cancellations, changes, or fulfillments. You have the flexibility to enable or disable specific types of reminder emails according to your requirements.



Managing Store Resources

You can define when and where resources are accessible for booking, allowing customers to schedule appointments based on resource availability. Within this module, you can perform actions such as viewing, searching, adding, modifying, deleting, and enabling resources. Additionally, you can specify the locations where a resource is available and the corresponding hours of availability at each location.

To manage store resources, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Calendar Booking-In-Store Service admin panel and click on Resource.
  2. Choose Add Resource or the Edit icon to input the name and email address, along with the resource's available hours and locations. Click Application to save the inputs.

Note: The resources will only appear in a specific location if it is set both in Location and Shipping and Delivery > In-store pickup under the Settings tab in your SHOPLINE admin panel. If there is no matching location, please go to Settings > Shipping and Delivery > the In-store pickup section and click Location settings or Settings > Location > Add a location to complete the setup. 


  1. Click Add/Update to save the setting.



Setting Services for Products

You can access the list of products to view and configure inventory, resources, and service hours.

Follow the steps below to configure services for the products:

  1. Navigate to the Product tab and click Adding Products or Adding goods to set services for new products.
    You can also click on the edit button to set services for existing ones.
  2. On the Product page, you have the option to determine whether to assign resources for the product service in the Resource section.
  • If a resource is necessary, select Need: A service time will be scheduled based on the availability of the assigned resource. You can choose multiple resources if needed. Additionally, you have the option to click Add Resource to add new resources.
  • If no service person is needed, select Unnecessary, but it is essential to configure the available time and location.
  1. Inventory Settings: You have the option to define the quantity of available bookings in each time slot for the product or the product SKU.
  2. Advanced Settings: You can set the service hours during which customers can make bookings.
  • Start Appointment Time: The earliest available booking time from the present moment 
  • The latest appointment time: Use this setting to prevent last-minute incidents. For example: you can block bookings for the day (set to 1 day) or block events within 6 hours. 
Note: For example, consider a cake shop where the average time required to prepare a new cake is 3 hours, and customers can book orders up to one week in advance. In this scenario, you can configure the booking start time as 3 hours and the latest booking time as 7 days.



Managing Service Orders

If you need to access order information, you can review order data and the list of orders on the Home page. 

Navigate to Home and you can view store data such as the quantity and payment details of service booking orders, the number of pending orders as well as the details of each order (including creation date, order status,  logistics statuses, the product, customer details and order amount).r.

  • Click the Modify Appointment icon to view order details.
    You can change the address, service resource, and appointment time by clicking the Modify Appointment button on the order details page.
    To view more detailed information on the order, please choose View more information about this order. The system will redirect you to the order management details page in the Order tab.
  • Export order: Calendar Booking-In-Store Service supports the export of orders, including all orders, orders on the current page, and selected orders in a given range.
  • Click Check Order to navigate to the Orders page on the main site.
  • Select the order line or click the Modify Appointment button to access and view order details.



Calendar Management

If you want to access real-time information about how the product service is scheduled, you can view it through the Calendar tab. Follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Calendar tab, and you can observe order information within the calendar. It supports monthly view, weekly view, and daily view.
  2. Select Resource and Location.
  3. To proceed with viewing order information, click on the Booking Information card.



How Does the Calendar Booking-In-Store Service Appear from the Customer's End

The image below demonstrates what customers will encounter on the order placement page when the store uses the Calendar Booking-In-Store Service:

  • Customers choose the location and service time on the Product Details page, then add the product to the cart page.
  • Once the product is added to the cart, the cart page will display the location, resource, and time assigned to the product.
  • After confirmation, proceed to the checkout page. The right side of the page will display the location, resource, and time assigned to the product.
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