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Multi-platform Pixel Installation Assistant


Multi-platform Pixel Installation Assistant supports the installation of Pixel in “long tail” media channels. You can report general e-commerce inquiries by entering the Pixel ID of the corresponding media channel. For other platforms or channels, you can also report an incident by setting the base code.

Click here to install the app.


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Installing Pixel on Default Platforms

Right now, the app supports the following platforms: Kwai, Criteo, Outbrian, Taboola, Bing, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Yahoo.


After choosing the target platform, set the Pixel name and ID input. 

Click Next step and you can see the reporting incidents supported by the current platform.


To report incidents other than default ones, click Add event at the bottom of the page. Set the mapping between the SHOPLINE and the corresponding parameter of your incident. Make sure the mapping is set correctly.



Note: For information on obtaining event codes and parameter mapping, refer to the developer documentation of the channel.



Installing Pixel on Other Platforms

To install Pixel on any platform other than the default ones, select Other Platforms.


You will need to obtain the Pixel variable name and base code when using this installation method of Pixel.

Then, add your e-commerce events and click Next step to start the installation.


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