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SmartPush Overview: Email & SMS Marketing

SmartPush is a powerful yet user-friendly tool designed to help businesses of all sizes carry out email and SMS marketing campaigns. For example, fashion retailers can promote or run product sampling campaigns for your latest clothing and accessories. B2B businesses and  specialty product vendors can run targeted email campaigns to acquire new customers and achieve rapid expansion. 3C, sporting and outdoors brands can send to keep customers informed about brand updates and showcase exceptional customer care.

SmartPush provides a rich library of professionally designed email templates and an AI-powered editor, enabling you to create compelling marketing materials in just five minutes. It also allows you to set up automated messages at crucial points in the customer journey, such as subscription invitations, abandoned cart reminders, and order notifications, to drive conversions and marketing automation efficiency. Last but not least, SmartPush seamlessly integrates with the SHOPLINE platform to provide timely access to real-time customer data, helping you analyze email marketing performance.

This article will guide you through creating marketing messages with SmartPush.


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Synchronizing Contact

The first step to run an email/SMS marketing campaign is to prepare a contact list. SmartPush conveniently synchronizes the Customers section of your SHOPLINE admin panel with the Contacts section of SmartPush. You can view your entire contact list by going to the Contacts > All section.

SmartPush also allows you to import and export contacts for your marketing campaigns. For more information, refer to Import&Export Contacts.



Creating Segments

In addition to sending messages to all your contacts, you can leverage customer segmentation to reach specific groups with tailored content for targeted messaging. This approach improves conversion rates for your target audience.



Creating Marketing Campaigns

Next, create marketing campaigns. For email marketing, go to the Campaigns section, click Create campaign and click Create email within the Email marketing campaign block.

1 SmartPush Create campaign.png

In the campaign configuration page, follow the prompts to fill in details like the campaign name, recipients, email subject, preview text, sender information, and content. You can also enable advanced UTM tracking or specify the preferred language for your email.

Here are some key points to remember:

Campaign Name: This serves as your internal reference and can be independent of the email content. For example, "New Product Promotion for Active Customers - Nov 17, 2023".

Recipients: Choose all subscribers, pre-defined segments, or exclude uninterested customers. Segmentation allows for more precise targeting and enhances marketing results.

Subject Line: This is the first impression for recipients and significantly impacts open rates. Craft clear, concise, and engaging subject lines. SmartPush offers a library of recommended subject lines for various marketing scenarios. Just click Recommended subject and select from the library.

Sender Information: Utilize your brand name for better brand promotion and recognition. Use a customer service email address for replies to facilitate communication and improve sales success. SmartPush provides a default public sender address, but using your own domain name can improve deliverability.

2-1 SmartPush email AI suggest.png



Designing Emails

We provide a comprehensive library of beautifully crafted templates, updated monthly to cover important marketing events worldwide. Choose a template or start with a blank one. In your SmartPush email editor, drag and drop elements on the left pane, and customize them on the right pane. After designing your email, you can click Test or Preview to see how it looks.



Sending Emails

Once everything is ready, you can choose Send now to initiate your email marketing campaign immediately, or select Schedule for later to send it at a specific time. 



Sending SMS

For SMS marketing campaigns, go to the SMS marketing block when creating a campaign. In the configuration page, follow the prompts to enter the campaign name, recipients, and SMS content. You can insert predefined variables by clicking [x] or leverage our AI assistant to generate more natural-sounding SMS content. Finally, configure the start time, and it is ready.

3-1 SmartPush SMS AI suggest.png



Creating Popup Forms

Popup forms are an effective tool to collect contact information from store visitors or win back abandoning customers. Learn how to create popup forms.



Creating Marketing Automations

Automating your marketing efforts saves time and ensures timely, targeted communication with customers. SmartPush allows you to set up automated messages for various stages of the customer journey, ultimately boosting conversion rates. Learn how to set up marketing automations.



Frequently Asked Questions

Is SmartPush free? How is it charged?

SmartPush offers various plans for merchants of different sizes. Learn more about the differences and fees of each version of SmartPush.

Why is my mail in the trash? How can I avoid this?

Several factors can send your emails to spam or trash folders. Learn how to improve deliverability and avoid common pitfalls.

How to address issues related to my SmartPush account, such as connecting and disconnecting my store, forgetting password, etc.?

SmartPush accounts and SOPLINE accounts are separate. Learn more about SmartPush accounts.

How do I plan an effective email marketing campaign?

SmartPush offers valuable resources to help you plan successful email marketing campaigns, including best practices and strategies for major sales events like Black Friday and Christmas. Learn more about how to plan monthly email marketing campaigns and how to plan for significant events like Black Friday and Christmas season.

How do I address problems related to DNS configuration of a custom sender domain?

Email deliverability depends on your sender reputation. SmartPush offers guidance on DNS configuration, email validation, and warm-up strategies to improve open rates by 30%. Learn more about how to configure DNS for a unique sender domain and how to handle the DNS approval failure problem.

How can I reduce the complaint rate for my email campaigns?

This article provides tips on reducing your email complaint rate.

My campaign performance isn’t ideal. What can I do?

Configure a unique sender domain to effectively improve the results. Learn more about the custom sender domain. Try these suggestions to increase the open rate. Click-through rate too low? Follow best practices.

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