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Google Translate Helper


The Google Translate Helper app enables your store's visitors from different regions to translate your website content into their desired language in one click.

Note: Changing website language through Google Translate Helper will not lead to market change.


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Supported Languages

From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Settings > Language > Supported Languages to view supported languages. From the Header/Footer component of this Helper app, non-supported languages cannot be selected, and if one of these is selected as the browser language, the Browser language redirect feature will not take effect.

1. supported lang.png



Displaying Header and Footer Selector

With the app enabled in your theme designer, you can turn on the Google Translate Selector in the Header/Footer of your site.

2-1 the toggle.png


When enabled, visitors can use the selector to choose the target language for translating the page. The following image displays the effect of the header selector.

2-2 the selector.png



Browser Language Redirect

If you want Google Translate Helper to automatically translate your site into the browser language when visitors visit your site, you can enable Browser language redirect in the plugin.

  • If the browser language of the visitor is not supported, the Google Translate Helper feature will not take effect.
  • The Browser language redirect feature will take effect even if the Header/Footer component was not turned on, or in other words, not affected by whether or not the language selector placed in the Header/Footer was turned on or not.


3 lang redirect.png



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