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Operation Log


SHOPLINE keeps a detailed record of important actions performed in your store's admin panel through the operation log. This log can be helpful for troubleshooting any discrepancies you encounter with your store's data.


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How to Use the Operation Log

To access the operation log, go to Settings > Operation log from your SHOPLINE admin panel.
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You can search or filter the log to find specific actions.

Each log entry includes the specific operation date, operator, operation device, operation location, and operation details. The details will vary depending on the action.

  • Operation Date: The date the action was performed.
  • Operator: The staff member who performed the action.
  • Operation Device: The IP and OS of the device used to perform the action.
  • Operation menu: The location in the admin, from where the action was performed.
  • Operation and Operation detail: The specific action and a description of it. The details may vary depending on the action.

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  • The system only retains log data for the past three calendar months.
  • Access to the Operation log requires permission. Staff members without the necessary permissions won't see the Operation log module in Settings. If you need access, contact your store manager.

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