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Receiving Your Payments: Fees and Payout Timing


All payment methods supported by SHOPLINE rely on third-party service providers to process transactions. This guide provides detailed instructions on the payment process, payment cycle, and information on transaction fees for SHOPLINE stores, ensuring a smooth and transparent payment experience. 

Note: When setting up payment methods, we recommend consulting the service provider to ensure you understand their rules and charges.


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Understanding the Payment Process


Players in the Payment Process 

  • Issuers: Financial institutions that provide cardholders with various bank cards and set the terms and conditions for their use. They act as the initiators and organizers of the bank card market.
  • Acquirers: Financial institutions authorized by card networks to handle key tasks in the payment process, such as signing agreements with merchants, processing authorization requests, and settling transactions.
  • Cardholders: The driving force behind the bank card market. They use cards issued by financial institutions to make purchases from merchants.
  • Card Networks (Visa, Mastercard, etc.): The backbone of the system. They establish and manage information exchange networks that connect issuing and acquiring institutions. These networks facilitate key functions like authorization, clearing and settlement, and provide additional services like marketing and fraud protection.
  • Third-party service providers: Offer a variety of specialized services within the payment ecosystem, such as data transmission companies, independent financial service providers, or payment processing support specialists.
  • Designated merchants (retail businesses, individuals, or organizations): Accept bank cards as a payment method and partner with acquirers to process transactions and receive settlements.


Payment Flow and Payout Timing

  • The flow of funds generated by ongoing payments to SHOPLINE Payments:
  • The flow of funds generated from ongoing payments to the payment gateway:
  • The flow of funds generated from a chargeback on a payment processed by SHOPLINE Payments:
  • The flow of funds following a chargeback for a payment processed via the gateway:
  • Processing Time: There's typically a processing period between customer payment and fund receipt in your merchant account, depending on your chosen payment service provider.
  • Third-Party Payment Gateways: These services (like PayPal) handle acquiring funds from customers and transferring them to you using their methods. Be sure to review their specific process.
  • Custom Payment Methods: While you can accept checks or bank transfers, these require separate arrangements outside the online checkout process.
  • Receipt Information: For SHOPLINE Payments, receipt information appears in your SHOPLINE admin; for transactions through third-party gateways, check their platform for details.


Setting up Payment Methods

To set up your payment methods, go to Settings > Payments in your SHOPLINE admin panel.



Frequency of Payment Receipt

This section explains how often you can expect to receive payouts from your online store sales, depending on the payment method you choose.


SHOPLINE Payments Payouts

If you use SHOPLINE Payments and meet the following criteria, the system will automatically arrange for your payouts:

  • Completed advanced verification
  • Reached the minimum payout amount (varies by region)

Here's a breakdown of the payout schedule and minimum payout amounts for several example regions:

Region Frequency Processing Time Minimum Payout Amount
Cross-border USD Stores in China Fixed withdrawals every Wednesday Minimum 5 business days (subject to holiday delays) USD 500.0
Stores in Malaysia Varies 6 business days MYR 50.00
Stores in Singapore Varies 6 business days SGD 10.00


Note: For more details and information, please refer to the SHOPLINE Payments FAQ


Third-Party Payment Services

If you receive payments through a third-party payment service provider, the timing of receiving funds for credit card orders may differ based on their terms. Here's what to consider:

  • Timing: The frequency of payouts can vary depending on the service provider. It's advisable to consult their specific terms for details on payout schedules.
  • Bank Transfer Delays: There might be a delay of several business days before funds are credited to your bank account after a transfer is initiated. If you experience any delays in receiving a payment, please contact your bank for assistance.


Payments Fees and Payout Details

This section outlines the payment methods supported by SHOPLINE, along with associated transaction fees and payout schedules for several example regions.


Payments via SHOPLINE Payments

When you activate SHOPLINE Payments as your payment service provider, you'll avoid transaction fees for all orders processed through SHOPLINE's checkout system. However, credit card processing fees still apply, depending on your SHOPLINE subscription plan and store region.


For Cross-border USD Stores in China:

Payment Method Plan Rate (Per Transaction)
Credit card Starter 3.60%+ USD0.30
Essential 3.60%+ USD0.30
Standard 3.30% + USD0.30
Premium 3.00% + USD0.30


For Stores in Singapore:

Payment Method Plan Rate (Per Transaction)
Credit card Lite 3.2% + SGD 0.50*
Starter 3.2% + SGD 0.50*
Essential 3.0% + SGD 0.50*
Standard 2.9% + SGD 0.50*
Premium 2.8% + SGD 0.50*
Atome All Plans 4.8%
GrabPay All Plans 3.0%


For Stores in Malaysia (Credit Cards):

Payment Method Plan Rate for Locally Issued Cards (per transaction) Rate for Cards Issued Overseas (per transaction)
Credit card Lite 2.2% 3.7%
Starter 2.0% 3.5%
Essential 1.8% 3.3%
Standard 1.6% 3.1%
Premium 1.4% 2.9%


For Stores in Malaysia (Other Payment Methods):

Payment Method Plan Rate (Per Transaction)*
FPX (Online Transfer) Lite MYR1.20
Starter MYR1.00
Essential MYR0.90
Standard MYR0.80
Premium MYR0.70
Atome Lite 6% + MYR1.00
Starter 5.6% + MYR1.00
Essential 5.2% + MYR1.00
Standard 4.8% + MYR1.00
Premium 4.4% + MYR1.00
E-Wallets (GrabPay / TNG / Boost / Duitnow) Lite 1.5%
Starter 1.5%
Essential 1.4%
Standard 1.3%
Premium 1.3%

*Excluding 6% SST


Payments via Third-party Providers

If you use a third-party payment service provider on SHOPLINE to receive payments, you will be charged transaction fees for online transactions. For more details, refer to the Transaction Fee Bills Overview guide.


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