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FAQs about Shipping Logistics

You may encounter some problems with shipping logistics. Here SHOPLINE has sorted out some FAQs for your reference.


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  1. Can I offer in-store pickup or local delivery options for customers?

  1. Should I upload logistics information for every order when collecting payments on SHOPLINE?

  • Yes. You need to deliver goods and add logistics information for every order with payment. Only after that, the order amount will become withdrawable five working days later. Please submit the true and accurate tracking number after the actual delivery of the order.


  1. I edited the logistics information. Will it be synchronized to PayPal?

  • A: You need to go to Settings > Payments, and enable the Whether enable automatic reporting button. After the button is enabled, the tracking number you updated in the order information will be automatically synchronized to PayPal.


  1. Why can't I find the logistics tracking information?

  • The logistics information for your shipment is obtained by querying the logistics provider using the tracking number. If you can't view the logistics tracking details, please try the following steps:
    • Step 1: Double-check the accuracy of the uploaded logistics provider and tracking number.

    • Step 2: If step 1 is correct, verify whether the logistics provider's services are functioning normally.

    • Step 3: If step 2 is correct, refresh the page to update information. Different providers have varying update times and content. If the logistics provider's services and tracking information are accurate, the delay in logistics information updates may be the cause. Note that only the logistics tracking of the logistics service providers available in the drop-down list can be displayed. The custom logistics will not be included.


  1. Can I set logistics information separately for a certain product?

  • Yes. You can go to Custom Shipping Fee Settings to set the logistics for a specified product.


    For details, refer to Setting Up Custom Shipping Fee in the tutorial.

  1. How should I select a logistics service provider?

  • You need to contact the logistics service provider yourselves for cooperation. To select a logistics service provider, you have to understand the fitness, service level, strength, and reliability of the logistics service provider.
  • The first factor is fitness, that is, to figure out whether the logistics service provider is capable of offering logistics services catering to their demands. This is because different logistics service providers have varying business directions.
  • Then, you have to make clear the service level, strength, and reliability of the logistics service provider, to ensure that goods can be shipped smoothly, accurately, and safely in future cooperation.


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