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PayPal subscription debit permission

1.Necessary information (Merchant information):

Name (the name that registered for the PayPal)

Store URL (the website URL of the store)

Estimated monthly sales GMV through PayPal channel

Customers number (the customer number of the shop)

2. Suggesting answer for questions that need to be understood by PayPal

Question 1: What does the merchant intend to do through PayPal’s subscription debit?

---Suggesting answer: Describe the products that the store sells, and explain that the store sells by subscription sales to support customers to make subscription-based purchases without repeated payments. You can also add other relevant descriptions of store business and benefits of using the subscription debit capability based on the actual store situation.

Question 2: Whether the customer purchase requires confirmation each time or automatically processed without customer participation?

---Suggesting answer:  Automatically processed without customer involvement.

Question 3: Is this service used in the website or integrated in the mobile application (APP), or both?

---Suggested answer: Generally SHOPLINE merchants use it only in their website. But merchants can answer according to reality.

Question 4: Whether integrated through other payment service providers (e.g. worldpay or Ingenious)?

--- Suggested answer: No, SHOPLINE merchants are not integrated through other payment service providers, answer no.

3. Specific application process

1. Login to PayPal account on the official website of PayPal (https://www.paypal.com/uk/smarthelp/contact-us). Then leave the message in the message us place.


2.PayPal will reply E-mail after receiving the request, or push notification in the message center of PayPal. The merchant need to reply after receiving message.

3.After receiving merchant message, it takes PayPal 7-10 days to evaluation and review. You can communicate with PayPal via email for specific details.


4.PayPal official reply reference

For enabling Reference Transactions in Live, Merchants can contact PayPal via their PayPal account and speak to an agent who will submit a request on their behalf.


Instructions for Merchants is mentioned below:


Just log in to your PayPal account on the PayPal app or a web browser, go to your Message Center and select New Message.

After PayPal receives this message, you will be asked for the info below:

Business information:

Business name

Business URL

Current/anticipated monthly sales via PayPal only

Number of repeat customers

Integration information:

Please describe what do you intend to use the product for?

Do you your buyers need to initiate each subsequent payment themselves or are they processed automatically without any customer involvement?

Will this service be enabled within your website, mobile app integration or both?

Are you integrating through another payment service provider, such as Worldpay or Ingenico?

Once PayPal confirms receipt of the above information, your application may take 7 to 10 days to be assessed. Please be aware that PayPal may require more information once your application is being processed.

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