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About SHOPLINE Payments


SHOPLINE Payments is the simplest payment solution for you to start receiving payments online and in-person. With SHOPLINE Payments, you don't need to go through the complicated process of setting up a third-party payment provider or merchant account.

SHOPLINE Payments supports individuals¹, companies, and private businesses, by helping you process your online and in-person transactions and reconcile without switching store admin and other payment service providers. 

Please note that SHOPLINE Payments is only available to stores in certain countries. Refer to the following list to find the requirements and related information for each country that is supported for SHOPLINE Payments. 

When you use SHOPLINE Payments, you aren't charged third-party transaction fees for orders. Currently, you are not charged transaction fees on manual payment methods² such as cash, cash on delivery (COD), and bank transfers.

If the type of business entity you own or business category is not supported by SHOPLINE Payments, you can review the list of other payment gateways that SHOPLINE supports within Settings > Payments > Third Party Payment Providers.

1 Mainland China does not support individual type business (non-entity)

2 Please note that from 2024-01-15 onwards, Singapore will be charging a transaction fee on manual payment methods


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Get in touch

SHOPLINE has a dedicated local support team for merchants looking for help with their issues and concerns. You can contact SHOPLINE support by reaching out to us through our live chat on your SHOPLINE admin, website, or dropping us an mail, our customer support will answer your queries.



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