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SHOPLINE Payments for Australia


SHOPLINE Payments allows you to accept all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and more. SHOPLINE Payments also supports Apple Pay and Google Pay, so that customers can check out with one tap in your store.

When you capture a payment for an order, you’re charged a SHOPLINE payment fee to cover the cost of processing the payment. This fee depends on the type of subscription plan you purchase. 



In This Article



Rates and Fees

The rates vary based on your subscription plan and payment method. For specific fee details, please refer to the following information:


Payment Methods


Plans Rates per Transaction* Refund Fee per Transaction Chargeback Fee
Credit Card International:
Google Pay/Apple Pay
Starter 3.30% + 30c AUD 0.17 AUD 17.2
Essential 3.20% + 30c
Premium 3.20% + 20c
International: AMEX/JCB/UnionPay All 3.50% + 30c
Google Pay/Apple Pay
Starter 1.70% + 20c
Essential 1.60% + 20c
Premium 1.40% + 20c
Local: AMEX/JCB/
All 3.50% + 20c
Afterpay - All 5.00% + 40c
Zip - All 3.50% + 40c



Payment Methods


Plans Rates per Transaction* Refund Fee per Transaction Chargeback Fee
Credit Card International: Visa/Mastercard/
Google Pay/Apple Pay
Starter 3.80% AUD 0.17 AUD 17.2
Essential 3.70%
Premium 3.50%
Local: Visa/Mastercard/
Google Pay/Apple Pay
Starter 1.90%
Essential 1.70%
Premium 1.50%
AMEX/JCB/UnionPay Starter 3.80%
Essential 3.70%
Premium 3.50%

* SHOPLINE Payments Transaction Fee is in AUD



KYC Requirements for SHOPLINE Payments

To apply for SHOPLINE Payments for your business based in Australia, you’ll have to comply with the following requirements and submit the required information/documents.


Store requirements

  1. Your SHOPLINE store has legal pages including:
    • Privacy Policy
    • Terms and conditions
    • Shipping, Return and Exchange Policy must include all of the following items:
      • Delivery option, logistics provider
      • Shipping days (no. of days from the order is placed to the order is shipped)
      • Delivery days (no. of days from the order is shipped to the order is received)
      • Shipping and delivery days for pre-orders (If there are pre-orders for sale)
    • Refund Policy 
      • The merchant should state clearly whether they provide refunds. 
      • Merchants who offer refunds should at least include the conditions for refund, the refund method, and the refund process.
  1. Your SHOPLINE store should also complete the following:
    • Store logo
    • Contact information page
    • Upload at least 7 to 10 products on shelves 
    • Adding images to all of your products
    • Each product should at least have 1 item in stock
    • Enabled shopping cart function
    • The store must be opened to the public

Bank account requirements

  • The bank account owner must be the same as the name of the applicant. 
  • Applicants must provide the opening certificate of the payout bank account statement issued by the payout bank within the last 6 months.

Personal information requirements

Personal information document
  • ID card
  • Passport
  • Driver’s license


For verification purposes, the document requirements are as follows:

  • The document must contain a full name, date of birth, and personal photo.
  • The document must be valid and unexpired.
  • Documentation must be legible, and text and photographs must be legible.
  • Photocopies will not be accepted.
  • Complete documents must be uploaded, including the front and back of the ID card and the full personal information page of the passport.

Company information requirements

Company information document
  • Australian Business Number


For verification purposes, the document requirements are as follows:

  • Must contain the company name, business address, and company registration number
  • The document must be an official document issued by a government department
  • The document must be valid and show up-to-date registration information
Note: If SHOPLINE is unable to verify the identity of the individual who ultimately owns or controls the company, you may be required to provide additional company registration documents, which may include parent company information.



POS Requirements

If your entity is non-individual and you require in-store POS payment methods, you can apply for POS. The following requirements are mandatory:

  • The Advanced KYC must be completed
  • Storefront photo with unit number
  • Photos of store interior, showing store products
    • If you are going to use POS only, without an online store, upload the product and price list in additional documents.
    • If the store is still under renovation, provide a rental/lease agreement for proof of conducting business at the location.
      • The lease agreement should show that the onboarded entity is the one leasing the location.
      • It should show the leased location, as well as the time span of the lease.
      • Within 1 month of application, you will need to provide proper storefront/interior photos.

For more information about setting up the payment terminals, refer to the SHOPLINE POS article.



Prohibited Businesses

Some types of businesses and services are not eligible to use SHOPLINE Payments. To determine your eligibility, please review the list of prohibited business types for Australia.



Accepted Payment Methods

Your transaction fee is based on your store's SHOPLINE subscription plan, and you can change plans whenever you want.

SHOPLINE Payments allows Australian businesses to accept payments from:

Payment methods Online POS
Credit and debit cards Visa, MasterCard, American Express Visa, MasterCard, American Express, EFTPOS
Apple Pay Yes Yes
Google Pay Yes Yes
Afterpay Yes Yes
Zip Yes Yes


Please be noted that we can only accept payments for EFTPOS cards that are co-branded with either Visa or MasterCard. 

Learn how to manage payment method displayed on your checkout page.



Getting Paid

SHOPLINE Payments is the simplest way to accept payments online. It eliminates the hassle of setting up a merchant account with a third-party payment provider and then entering your account credentials in SHOPLINE. Because SHOPLINE Payments is natively integrated with your store, you can view your payouts directly in the SHOPLINE admin.

In Australia, the payout details are as follows:

  • T+3 working days (E.g. T-day: 3 Jan 2022 + 3 business days = 6 Jan)
  • Minimum payout amount: AUD 10.00

Please be noted that it may typically take another 1-3 working days, depending on bank processing speed, for the funds to be deposited into your bank account.


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