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Product Recommendation - Enabling Product Recommendation Features on Different Pages


You can leverage the Product Recommendation plugin to bring your products more exposure by suggesting items to customers on select pages of your online store, and you have the flexibility to choose between AI-intelligent recommendations and Custom Recommendations. Here are the pages available for this:

  • Product detail page
  • Product list page
  • Shopping cart page
  • Mini shopping cart
  • Search page
  • Payment result page (Thank you page)
  • 404 page


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Setting up Recommendations for Product Detail Pages

You can configure recommended content for a specific product on its detail page.

  1. From the Product Recommendation admin panel, go to Page settings > Product details page. Click on the product to start the setup.
  2. You can add up to 20 recommended products by clicking on the + in the Select products section.
  3. Click Update to save the settings.

You can rearrange these products by dragging and dropping, or apply sorting rules with a single click.

To recommend identical content across all items in your store, please go back to the Product detail page and click Configure in the Intelligent recommendation selected. The system will redirect you to the AI intelligent recommendations page, where you can find the Product recommendation method section. Click on the Switch button to change the recommendation mode from either Custom Recommendations or AI intelligent recommendations (function similarly to those found on the product list page and other pages).




Setting up Recommendations for Other Pages

On multiple pages, including the Product list, Shopping cart, Mini shopping cart, Search, Payment result (Thank You), and 404 in the whole store, you can choose between Custom Recommendations and AI intelligent recommendations.

When setting up a page for the first time, you’ll choose between either Custom Recommendations or AI intelligent recommendations. You’ll be able to switch between these two later on.

Custom Recommendations

You can choose between two customization methods, Add products manually or Specify rules.

  • In the Add products manually mode, you have the freedom to select up to 20 products and arrange their order.
  • In the Specify rules mode, you can set your own product rules and orders by configuring conditions such as Collection, Label, Title, SKU Price, Inventory, and Sales, to quickly filter out products to be recommended.
Note: Be aware that any products configured here in an unsellable state - such as being deactivated, out of stock, frozen, or archived—won’t appear in the Product recommendation section. To prevent all products from being invalid simultaneously, which could result in an empty product recommendation space affecting the store’s potential conversion, you can enable the Automatically enable smart recommendation when all items fail feature at the upper right corner. This ensures that when all manually added products fail to display, the intelligent recommendation engine will display items with a high-potential conversion rate instead.


AI Intelligent Recommendations

In the AI intelligent recommendations mode, you can select from four recommendation modes:

  • AI multi-dimensional recommendations mode integrates multiple factors including user preferences, product attributes, and sales trends to provide recommendations.
  • The Similar users mode centers on user profiles and suggests products that are favored by customers of a similar type.
  • The Related products mode focuses on product attributes, recommending items closely related to those currently being accessed by the customer.
  • The Most popular mode considers the overall sales trends across all products in the store, thus recommending popular and high-selling items.
  • Starting from March 22, 2023, you must authorize the use of relevant data to the SHOPLINE Product Recommendation application before you can use related functions of intelligent recommendation.
  • When users install the Product Recommendation application and enable the intelligent recommendation feature for the first time, the current SHOPLINE intelligent recommendation algorithm requires a brief period (approx. 15-30 minutes) to access and analyze the store’s product data and establish a comprehensive recommendation algorithm model. During this interim period, the store won’t display recommended content. Once the recommendation model is established, the store will automatically display AI-driven product recommendations.
  • AI algorithms will obtain necessary historical information to establish precise recommendation models, including product sales data. Additionally, after utilizing this plugin, it will accumulate product browsing data, user behavior data, and more, to enhance the model’s accuracy and effectiveness over time.



Positioning the Display of Recommended Content

You have the freedom to determine the display position of the Product Recommendation feature on each page. From the SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Online Store > Design to make adjustments for the display position. Click Product Recommendation - Customize Display Position to view the options.



Configuring Display Style

You can configure the display style of recommended content for different pages. Go to the page where you want to configure the display style (except the Product detail page) by clicking Page settings. Click Display options and customize the settings based on your interests, then select Update to save the settings.

For instance, you can set fields such as Title, Product display mode, Recommended title alignment style, Open quick shopping pop-up button, and Enable price display.



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