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Currently, SHOPLINE supports access to the real-time shipping rate calculation provided by the carrier's application and the parcel data is one of the indispensable data for shipping rate calculation. To facilitate the access of accurating shipping calculation through the application, it will be introduced how to set up your parcels and explain how to calculate the shipping fee.




2.Set-up tutorial

3.How to calculate the freight



SHOPLINE admin > [Settings] > [Shipment and Delivery] > [Package]


2.Set-up tutorial

add/delete package

1) You can add package data freely( up to 50 packages)

2) items:

  • Package name
  • Package type
  • Weight
  • Length 
  • Width
  • Height


3)Currently, only 1 package is temporarily supported to calculate the freight.


If you only add one package, the system will default the parcel to calculate the freight automatically. If you have added more than one package, you can change the packages involved in the calculation defaultly.


Note: The package is not supported to be deleted once it is involved in the shipping cost calculation, which means it will be contained in the calculation as long as you add the package.



3. How to calculate the freight

1)The system will record the package information you set. During the settlement, the package information as well as the order information will be given to the third-party carrier for freight calculation.

2)The carrier will calculate the freight based on the product, receiving place and package and then feedback to the consumer for choice.


Note: Real-time freight calculation doesn’t support unpacking logic which means an order will use one package by default when calculating freight.