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Package Settings

In your SHOPLINE admin panel, you can add package details in the Shipping and Delivery settings. This information is essential for carriers to calculate shipping costs. It is important to ensure that the package settings adhere to the minimum and maximum requirements of the carrier services you utilize. Ensure the parcels are not oversized or too heavy to generate accurate shipping costs. Each carrier and service type may have different specifications.


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Package Settings

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, click Settings > Shipping and Delivery.


  2. In the Package section, click Add a Package.

  • Under Package Name, create a name for your package.
  • Under Package Type, select the package type.
  • Add dimensions (Length, Width, Height) and Weight of the package in its corresponding measurement unit.


Note: You can add more packages, with a maximum of 50 parcels allowed.


  1. Click Save.


Setting up a Rate Calculation Package

Currently, only one package can be selected to be included in the shipping cost calculation. You can specify a package for rate calculation in Settings > Shipping and Delivery > Package > Change rates to calculate packages.


  • If only one package is added, it will automatically be used for shipping cost calculation by default.
  • If more than one package is added, you can change the default package used for calculation.
  • Packages used in the calculation cannot be deleted and will be used in calculating shipping costs by carriers.



How Shipping Calculation Works

The system will record the package information set by you. In the checkout process, the package information will be sent to third-party carriers along with the order information for shipping cost calculation.

Carriers will calculate the shipping costs based on the order items, delivery location, package data, and other information, and then provide real-time calculation of shipping costs for customers to choose which carriers to opt for.

Note: Real-time shipping cost calculation is currently not supported for split shipment; the system will treat each order as a single parcel.


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