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B2B: Company


Note: The B2B company feature is only available to stores on the SHOPLINE Enterprise plan.


To run a B2B or wholesale business, you have to create a profile for the companies, which can be called “B2B customers” and are different from the regular/retail customers. Currently, you can set up a company and associate it with multiple locations, multiple customers (they are usually the merchandisers or employees of the company), up to one catalog of products per location, a delivery address and a billing address per location. Merchandisers must log in to the B2B store with new customer accounts to access your catalog, place B2B orders, and view their company information. The address you set for the company will be applied at checkout.

For more information about the B2B Catalog feature, please refer to this article.


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Considerations for Using B2B Companies

Before creating a company, please note the following:

  • Up to 500 locations can be associated with a company. 
  • Only one catalog can be assigned to a company location for merchandisers to purchase products at specified prices.
  • A company has a maximum of 500 customers (merchandisers), and a merchandiser can only be added to one company at a time. 
  • Customers must use new customer accounts to access your B2B store. They log in with their emails and a one-time verification code sent to their mailbox. Therefore, an email for merchandisers is required.



Creating a Company Profile

Company name and address are required when creating a company. The other information can be added later.

  1. From your SHOPLINE Enterprise admin panel, go to Customer > Companies, and click Add company.
    B2B Company-1.png

  2. In the Company name field, enter a name for the company. This name is displayed to merchandisers in their customer accounts and during checkout.
  3. In the Main contact section, select a main contact from the existing customers, or create a new one. Please note that customers without an email address or have already been added to another company are not available for selection.
  4. In the Address section, enter a shipping address and a billing address. This address will be used at checkout.
  5. In the Catalog section, select an active catalog to assign to the company. The company will enjoy its own prices when being assigned with a catalog. In contrast, it is offered at the regular/retail prices without a catalog.
  6. Once you have finished the configuration, click Add.
    B2B Company-2.png



Editing a Company's Details

You can add or update company information after a company is created at any time.

  1. From your SHOPLINE Enterprise admin panel, go to Customer > Companies, and click on the company you want to update in the company list.
  2. In the company details page, you can make the following updates in the corresponding sections:
    • Click Edit next to the company name to update the name.
    • In the Catalog section, the assigned catalog is displayed. Click on it to view and edit the catalog details. To remove or replace the current catalog, click Edit. In the pop-up window, click the trash bin icon next to the catalog to remove it. Once you have finished the configuration, click Save.
      B2B Company-3.png

    • In the Customers section, you can add or manage the merchandisers.
      • Click +Add customer to add more merchandisers to the company.
      • Click Manage to manage the merchandisers. In the pop-up window, click the three-dots icon next to the merchandiser to send him/her the B2B access email, set/remove the main contact status, and remove him/her from the company. You can also select multiple merchandisers to send them B2B access emails or delete them in bulk.

        The B2B access email includes the link to your B2B store, through which the recipients are now able to place B2B orders on behalf of the company. Please note that removing a merchandiser from the company will make him/her unable to access the B2B store and place orders, but not delete his or her customer profile.
        B2B Company-4.png

        B2B Company-5.png

    • Click the Delete company button to delete the company. A company can’t be deleted if there are draft orders or orders for that company. When you delete a company, its locations will be deleted as well. All merchandisers will be removed from the company, but remain in your customers list unless you delete them.
      B2B Company-6.png



Editing a Company’s Location Details

The location information can be edited on the location details page.

  1. In the company details page, click the location in the Location section to enter the location details page.
  2. You can make the following updates to the location in the corresponding sections:
    • Click Edit next to the company name to update the location name. By default, the location name is the company name.
    • In the Addresses section, click Edit next to Recipient address and Billing address to update the shipping address and billing address. The recipient address will be applied to all orders for the company. The customers can't edit the shipping address.
      B2B Company-7.png
  • In the Tax free settings section, set VAT number and Tax free regions
Note: It is supported to set tax free policy to customers or company locations so that tax reductions and exemptions are provided for customers with specific delivery addresses. This feature is in early access and is available only to certain merchants. Contact our customer success manager to get access.



Managing Customers


Adding Merchandisers to a B2B company

You can add merchandisers to a company in the following ways:

  • Add a merchandiser as the main contact to the company when creating a company.
  • Add merchandisers from company profiles and location profiles.
  • Add a merchandiser to the company from his/her customer profile using the + Add to company button.
    B2B Company-8.png


Informing Merchandisers to Visit the B2B Store

On both company profiles and location profiles, you can select merchandisers to send them the B2B access emails that include a link to access your B2B store. Merchandisers must log in to the B2B store through the email address and one-time verification code (i.e. the new customer account) and submit B2B orders using the catalog assigned to the company.
B2B Company-9.png

B2B Company-10.png

You can customize B2B access emails. Go to Settings > Notifications and click B2B visit email. From there, customize the email template and click Update.

B2B Company-11.jpg


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