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Managing Stores with Enterprise Admin


Note: SHOPLINE Enterprise admin is exclusively available to enterprises subscribed to the SHOPLINE Enterprise plan.


The primary advantage of the "Store management" section in the Enterprise admin panel is that it enables you to efficiently view and oversee all stores within your organization, eliminating the inconvenience of managing individual stores one by one.  To access the Store management section, you must possess the organization-level permission. 


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Viewing Stores in Your Organization

If you are the organization owner or have been granted permission for store management, you can review and access all the stores within your organization. For staff members with access to specific stores, only the stores they can manage are visible on their admin panel.

The store management page displays the following information:
1. Viewing Stores_1.png

  • Store name
  • Store handle
  • Store's main domain
  • Store status
  • Store plan

The actions you can perform on the store management page include:
2. Viewing Stores_2.png

  1. Search for a specific store by entering information such as store name, store handle, or store’s main domain.
  2. Filter stores based on store status, including open, closed, frozen, and suspended.
  3. Sort the stores in ascending or descending order based on their created dates.
  4. Go to the admin panel of each store for further management and configuration.



Creating New Stores for Your Organization

To create new stores within your organization, you must possess the Store management permission.  


Steps for Creating New Stores

  1. From your Enterprise admin panel, click Store management.
  2. Click Create store in the upper right corner.
    3. Creating new stores_1.png

  3. On the store creation page, complete the required store information.
    4. Creating new stores_2.png
    • Give your online store a name
      Select a store name that aligns with your brand and products to create a positive impression on your customers.
    • Your online store address is
      Enter a temporary URL for your store. After being set, the free URL can be changed only once. If desired, you can purchase a custom domain name from a third-party service provider and link it in the admin panel. 
    • Business location
      Accurately specify your business location. The system will optimize your store's accessibility and speed based on the country or region you provide.
    • Choose store currency
      Carefully select your billing currency, as it cannot be changed after an order is placed, including test orders.
    • Store contact email
      Provide an email address for sending and receiving customer messages. You can modify it at any time to keep your contact information up-to-date.
  1. Click Create store in the lower right corner. A new store is now successfully created within your organization.

Configuring Store-specific Settings 

To configure settings such as store designs or payment methods for individual stores, go to the admin of that specific store.
5. Creating new stores_3.png


Tip: Refer to our articles for guidance on configuring basic settings or enhancing store designs. If you need further assistance, search our Help Center for additional information on perfecting the aesthetics and services of your online stores. 



Removing or Adding Existing Stores

For operational considerations, you may want to remove a store within your organization or migrate an existing regular store to it. To do this, please contact the SHOPLINE Support Team and submit the necessary documentation. They will then proceed to verify your application and remove or add the designated store(s) as per your request.

Consider the following before you submit your store-moving application: 

  • After a designated store is moved out of the organization, the Enterprise plan for that store will be canceled. If you want to retain that store, you will need to purchase a new plan for it.
  • Stores that have been moved out of the organization will not restore the store quota of the Enterprise plan. 
  • After a regular store is moved into the Enterprise organization, the original plan for that store will be canceled and replaced with the Enterprise plan.
  • Regular stores that have been moved into the organization will consume the store quota of the Enterprise plan.


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