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B2B Overview


Note: The B2B features are only available to stores on the SHOPLINE Enterprise plan.


Are you running or going to expand into a B2B or wholesale business? You, as a wholesale merchant, may sell your products to the distributors or retailers and offer them differentiated prices for the same products based on many factors. With the SHOPLINE Enterprise plan, you can leverage the B2B features that are built in your admin natively, including Catalog and Company, to run your wholesale business in a more integrated and effective way. 

A Catalog is like a price list in which you include all or some of your products and tag them with specified prices, while a Company is the B2B customer to which you sell your products through B2B. You create a catalog based on the companies’ needs or your strategies. Next, by associating a catalog with a company, this company will enjoy company-specific pricing and customized experience when bulk purchasing your products. There is more than that. You can simultaneously offer both DTC (Direct to Consumer) and wholesale services in the same online store. A dedicated B2B store is no longer necessary. (Though you can still set up two separate stores for different purposes if you see fit.) Now, merchandisers of a company make bulk purchases in a way just like when they make personal ecommerce purchases, and you can manage both your DTC and B2B businesses in one admin. This is a win-win situation. By streamlining and automating the B2B purchasing process, the companies will be more willing to stay with you, and therefore, drive more profits for you. 

To make the B2B experiences more complete, it is recommended to use the B2B features in conjunction with the B2B & Wholesale Solution app. When the inquiry function is enabled in the B2B & Wholesale Solution app, potential B2B customers can submit an inquiry about your products and prices in your storefront. For more information about the B2B & Wholesale Solution app, please refer to this section of our help center.

You can learn more details about B2B Catalog and Company in the respective documentations.


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