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SmartPush for Enterprise Plan


As SHOLINE's powerful and user-friendly EDM and SMS marketing tool, SmartPush provides a comprehensive solution for email and SMS marketing, including marketing campaigns, pop-up forms, contacts management, marketing automation, analytics, AI marketing, and data integration. Upon subscribing to the Enterprise plan, each store enjoys all the SmartPush's premium benefits on top of the free features, along with a monthly quota of 10,000 customizable emails, at no extra cost. By maximizing SmartPush benefits, you can cultivate customer loyalty, leading to a higher return on investment for your business.


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Free Entitlements to SmartPush for Merchants on Enterprise Plan

When subscribing to the Enterprise plan, you enjoy all the advanced features from SmartPush paid plans and a monthly quota of 10,000 customizable emails per store, at no additional cost. See below for a comparison between SHOPLINE Premium and Enterprise plans.

  SHOPLINE Premium SHOPLINE Enterprise
SmartPush plan Free plan Free plan with additional benefits at no charge
Entitlements Basic features. Advanced features require additional cost.
  • Access to all the features from SmartPush paid plans, including:
    • ChatGPT AI-generated content
    • Channel Deliverability
    • Smart Campaign Booster & Smart Sending
    • AB testing
  • A monthly quota of 10,000 emails per store



SmartPush Overview

Automated Marketing through Customer Lifecycle

Your SHOPLINE customers and segments are synced with SmartPush, making it easier and more effective for contact management.

2-1-1. Automated marketing through customer lifecycle.png

You can configure automation workflows based on your contacts’ behaviors. When conditions are met and triggered, the system automatically sends the emails to targeted audiences, enabling you to reach your customers at the perfect moment.

2-1-2. Automation workflows.png

You can use the lifecycle dashboard to manage customers at different stages, from the first brand engagement to churn. Customized marketing strategies can help nurture customers and maximize their value.

2-1-3. Contacts _ Customer lifecycle.png


Smarter Marketing with the Assistance of AI

With our rich template library and AI assistant, it takes you just five minutes to come up with a well-rounded email.

2-2. Email Marketing campaign + AI Assistant.png


Comprehensive Management of Deliverability and Customer Experience

With our Deliverability feature, you can set up a custom brand domain, verify email validity, and initiate a warming-up plan.

2-3-1. Deliverability.png

You can upload your brand logo to build up your brand authenticity and improve email open rates.
2-3-2. Brand Logo.png

You can utilize A/B testing to easily identify the most welcomed marketing campaigns among the target audience.

2-3-3. A_B Testing.png

Our Smart Sending feature allows you to set up the default sending cycle, ensuring your customers are not overly disturbed.

2-3-4. Smart Sending.png



Renewal Options after Entitlement Expiration

After exhausting your free email quota, you can upgrade to SmartPush paid plans for more quota. For detailed plan and pricing information, please visit the SmartPush official website, or contact our sales representative.


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