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Page Report


Page Report shows the number of views and visitors to different pages within the time frame you specify. When you open this report, you’ll see the most recent data updated a few seconds ago or by reopening or refreshing the report.


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Page Report Data Description

This report contains the following fields:

Field Description
Views Views, also known as page views, refer to the number of times a given visitor views a given page.
Product User Views

The number of visitors who viewed a given page.

Please note that the number of visitors is different from the number of views as a visitor may have multiple views.

For example, Amy browsed the detail page of product A once, Tom browsed it twice, and Jennie browsed it three times.

The number of visitors to product A’s detail page is three, and the number of product views A’s detail page is six.

URL (W/O Parameters)

Page URL without parameters.

For example,

URL with parameters: www.abcd.com/products/abcd?utm=123

URL without parameters: www.abcd.com/products/abcd

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