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Pinterest Asset Authorization


This document aims to provide you with detailed information and a user guide regarding Pinterest asset authorization. In this help document, you'll learn how to utilize Pinterest's one-click asset authorization feature, complete the authorization binding for data reporting, domain declaration, product synchronization, and other assets. This will enable you to operate on the Pinterest channel, bringing increased exposure and traffic to your store. 


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Introduction of Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media platform primarily focused on helping users discover, collect, and share inspiration and creativity through images and videos. On Pinterest, users can create personalized theme boards and save content of interest in the form of images, known as Pins. These Pins can be sourced from online images, videos, webpage links, and more. 

In the realm of e-commerce, Pinterest plays a significant role with the following functions:

  • Product Promotion and Brand Showcase: E-commerce platforms can leverage Pinterest's extensive user base by showcasing their products and brands through high-quality images and videos. Users can save these products on their themed boards, share them with others, and engage in discussions, effectively boosting product exposure and brand awareness.
  • Guiding Purchase Decisions: Pinterest users often collect inspiration and plan their shopping by browsing and saving products of interest. They create dedicated shopping boards by gathering their favorite products and reference these boards when it comes time to make a purchase. This provides e-commerce platforms with an opportunity to showcase their products at crucial decision-making moments, encouraging users to make purchases.
  • Traffic Guidance: Pinterest, as a social platform with a massive user base, allows e-commerce platforms to redirect traffic to their platforms. Posting product images and links in relevant sections or under related themes can attract users to click on links, directing them to the e-commerce platform for browsing and purchasing.
  • Data Insights and Market Research: Pinterest offers robust data analytics tools and insight reports that e-commerce platforms can utilize to understand user preferences, trends, and behaviors. This data aids e-commerce platforms in conducting market research, refining product positioning, and optimizing their promotional strategies on Pinterest.



Before You Start

Before authorizing assets, we strongly recommend you complete the registration and preparation of the following assets:



Assets Authorization 

Linking Pinterest Business Account with SHOPLINE

Please follow the below steps to proceed:

  1. Go to SHOPLINE admin panel > Channels > Pinterest.
  2. Click Setup in the Asset authorization section.
    1- access authorization route.png
  3. Choose the Pinterest account you would like to link and click Give access.
    2- link to pinterest.png
    3-binded (1).png



Domain Verification

Verifying your domain allows your Pins to display your brand information. After completing the asset authorization, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Pinterest Asset authorization page.
    4- domain.png
  2. Domain verification > Add a  Verification.
    5-domain verification.png
  3. Save and successfully add the Meta tag.



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