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Pinterest Data Report


This document aims to provide you with a comprehensive guide and instructions on data reporting on the Pinterest platform. Through this document, you'll learn how to efficiently report data to Pinterest, enabling you to track and analyze user behavior, optimize promotional activities, and enhance your business outcomes.


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Pinterest Tag Overview

Pinterest Tag is a snippet of code added to your website. It enables Pinterest to track visitors and the actions they take after seeing your Pinterest. This way, you can understand the actions users take on your site after viewing or interacting with your ads, helping you measure the effectiveness of your Pinterest advertising.

By adding the Pinterest Tag to your website, you'll be able to:

  • Track and optimize conversions
  • Measure the performance of your advertising campaigns
  • Build audience targeting
  • Become a verified merchant
  • Access conversion analytics

In addition to the Pinterest Tag, you can also choose to use the Pinterest Conversion API to maximize the visibility of conversions. 

Before adding Pinterest Tag to your website, you need to:



Pinterest Tag Configuration Process

Please follow the below steps to proceed: 

  1. Log in to your Pinterest Business account.
  2. Go to the Ad account and click Account overview on the upper left corner.
  3. Go to the Business section and click Conversions.
    1- conversions  cta .png
  4. Click on Get started.
    2-get started.png
  5. Select Pinterest tag only and hit Continue.
    3- pinterest tag only.png
  6. Enter the website URL and hit Check.
  7. Click on Manual setup, go to Install the base code page, copy Pinterest Tag ID and select Continue
    5-manual setup .png
    6-copy ID .png
  8. Entering the Enable automatic enhanced match page, make sure the Automatic enhanced match is enabled toggle is on, and click Continue.
  9. Check the information in the Install the event code page and click Done
    8-event code page.png
  10. Return to SHOPLINE Admin > Channels > Pinterest > Setup in the Data report section.
    9-sl admin data report .png
  11. Find Pinterest Tag and click Add.
    10-add tag.png
  12. Paste your Pinterest Tag ID here, and hit Save
    11-paste tag.png
Note: If you've declared domain ownership and meet the requirements for using integrated partners, you'll find a list of these partners below when installing the Pinterest Tag. Click on a partner to view instructions. If not needed, continue with the following steps:
  1. Click on Get Started.
  2. Choose how you'd like to install the Pinterest Tag:
  • Integrated Partners: Paste your website URL in the field below the website URL, then click Check. If your website qualifies for integrated partner eligibility, you can choose one of the integrated partners and follow the instructions.
  • Send Instructions via Email: Click Send Instructions via Email at the bottom left of the screen. Enter the email address, provide optional messages, and click Send.
  • Manual Setup: Click Skip at the bottom right of the screen.



Pinterest Conversion API Intro

The Pinterest Conversion API enables advertisers to send conversions directly to Pinterest through a server-to-server connection. Conversions captured via the Pinterest API can then be utilized for retargeting in ad campaigns and reviewed in conversion reports, providing a better understanding of the conversion process.

With the Pinterest Conversion API, advertisers can send the following conversion events:

  • Website Conversions
  • In-App Conversions
  • Offline Conversions

Events can be received in real time or within one hour after occurring and being captured. If events are received beyond this timeframe or are part of delayed batch events, they are categorized as offline conversions.

Using the Pinterest Conversion API in conjunction with the Pinterest Tag helps maximize insights into captured conversion events. Our best practice is to leverage both conversion capture solutions simultaneously to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the performance of conversion ad campaigns.



Pinterest Conversion API Configuration Process

Before you start, please complete Pinterest Asset Authorization and complete authorization of the Ads account. 

Please follow the steps below to proceed with the conversion configuration process: 

  1. Go to SHOPLINE Admin > Pinterest in the Channels section.
  2. Find the  Data report section and click View.
    12-data report.png
  3. Click Add in the Configure Conversion API section.
    13-add conversion API.png
  4. Select an Ad account and click Save.
    14- add conversion API add account.png

Your Pinterest Conversion API should be associated by now.



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