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Pinterest Product Sync


This document is designed to provide users with a detailed guide and instructions on uploading a product catalog to the Pinterest platform using the Feed method. Through this document, you'll learn how to efficiently batch upload your product information to Pinterest, showcasing and promoting your products in users' Pinterest Feeds.


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Pinterest Product Catalog Overview

The Pinterest Product Catalog is a powerful tool for e-commerce platforms and businesses, offering a curated collection of product details for display and promotion on the Pinterest platform. By syncing product information, merchants ensure their offerings appear seamlessly when users browse. The catalog allows them to create Product Pins with images, titles, prices, and more, guiding users to make purchases on their websites. Merchants tidy up and upload their data to Pinterest, setting categories and attributes to showcase products accurately. Leveraging the Pinterest Product Catalog effectively spotlights products, attracting buyers and enhancing sales. Additionally, analytics tools provide insights into user interests, optimizing promotional strategies for a competitive marketing edge.



Pinterest Feed Intro

Pinterest Product Catalog Feed is a data file containing essential product details like name, description, price, and URL. This file, formatted as XML or CSV, is crucial for showcasing and promoting your products on Pinterest. Regular updates ensure synchronization with your online store, displaying the most accurate and up-to-date information. Include mandatory fields like product ID, title, description, price, and image URL, and optional ones like brand, category, and inventory. Leveraging the Pinterest Product Catalog Feed allows for better product management, increased exposure on Pinterest, and attracting potential buyers.



Pinterest Feed Configuration Process

Before you start, please complete Pinterest Asset Authorization and complete authorization of the Ads account. 

Please follow the steps below to proceed with the Pinterest Product Catalog Feed configuration process: 

  1. Go to SHOPLINE Admin > Channels > Pinterest.
  2. Go to the Product sync section and click Setup.
    1- product sync route.png
  3. Confirm Country and Language column then click Start sync.
    2-account info.png



Pinterest Feed Field Rules

Data Field Media Channel Field Value Processing Logic
SKU ID id Retrieve the content of Product SKU ID(i.e., the original SKU ID from SHOPLINE).
Product name title Retrieve product name
Product  description description Retrieve product description
Product link link Retrieve product link
Product image link image_link

Fixed to retrieve the content of "Product Main Image" (i.e., prioritizing the cover image of the corresponding product style; if no style cover image is set, then the SPU cover image is taken).

Encoding Handling: When parsing links, RFC 2396 or RFC 1738 specifications must be used for resolution. For example, the English comma is represented as "%2C

Product additional image link additional_image_link Fixed to retrieve the content of product images (i.e., extracting all images of the SPU excluding the product cover image)
Inventory availability If the product has inventory tracking enabled, backorders allowed, and the product inventory is less than or equal to 0, it is fixed to the backorder value. Otherwise, it is fixed to the in-stock value. 
Original Price price Retrieve the content of the original price (i.e., if the original price exists and is non-zero, it takes the original price value; otherwise, it takes the sale price value).
Sales price sale_price Retrieve the content of the product sale price (i.e., if the product has a promotional price, it takes the promotional price; if there is no promotional price, it continues to check -> if the product sale price exists and is non-zero, it takes the sale price value; otherwise, it takes the original price value).
Google product category google_product_category Retrieve the product type content (i.e., based on the language specified by the merchant, it takes the code value of the product type field, then, according to the Google category table, concatenates it into complete category information using ">" as a separator, for example, "Apparel & Accessories > Clothing").
Brand brand If the brand field value exists, it takes the value of the Brand field; otherwise, it is set to empty.
Condition condition Fixed text: new
Color color Retrieve the content of the product color.
Material material Retrieve the content of product material.
Pattern pattern Retrieve the content of the product pattern.
Sizes sizes Retrieve the content of the product size.
Item group ID item_group_id Retrieve the content of the Product SPU ID (i.e., the original SPU ID in SHOPLINE).
Total weight shipping_weight Retrieve the content of the product weight (i.e., the weight value and unit of the corresponding style of the product).


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