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Abandoned Checkouts


Within the Abandoned Checkouts section of the Orders module in your SHOPLINE admin panel, SHOPLINE aggregates abandoned checkouts that contain information of incomplete checkouts, such as the customer's contact details, selected products, marketing, shipping address, delivery method, and payment information. All the information is provided by customers during their checkouts. You can analyze these abandoned checkouts and take action, like sending customers recovery emails with links to abandoned checkouts to help improve the conversion rate of your store.

SHOPLINE only supports the aggregation of abandoned checkouts from the Online Store and Buy Button sales channels. Abandoned checkouts from third-party channels such as Facebook and Instagram are not available.


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Viewing Abandoned Checkouts

SHOPLINE only keeps a record of abandoned checkouts for the past 180 days; abandoned checkouts created more than 180 days ago will be cleared.

If customers provide their contact information during checkouts but abandon their carts, these checkouts will be displayed in the Abandoned checkouts list. Not all required checkout information is included in abandoned checkouts as the information is provided by the customer.

Abandoned checkouts that the customer later completes without the recovery emails being sent will be hidden from the abandoned checkout list once it is closed. Abandoned checkouts that are completed by the customer after a recovery email is sent will be marked as completed and recovered.

To view the abandoned checkouts, go to Orders from your SHOPLINE admin panel and Click Abandoned Checkouts.

You can quickly retrieve and view the abandoned checkouts you need in the following ways.

Searching and Filtering Abandoned Checkouts

  • You can filter abandoned checkouts by combining the Send status, Recovery status, and More filters (such as Messages sent).
  • You can search abandoned checkouts by product name. Enter the product name in the search box.
  • You can also filter abandoned checkouts by checkout amount. For example, if you want to filter abandoned checkouts with amounts in the range of 2-40 dollars, click More filters > Checkout amount, fill "2" for the minimum amount and "40" for the maximum amount, and click Confirm.
Note: SHOPLINE now supports filtering abandoned checkouts by updated time, allowing you to retrieve active abandoned checkout data.


Editing Columns

You can edit the columns of the Abandoned checkouts list based on your needs. Click Edit columns to select the items you want to display and drag and drop them to sort.



Exporting Abandoned Checkouts

You can export abandoned checkouts for analysis when you want to keep track of customers who abandon checkouts and run a retargeting campaign for this group of customers. In the Abandoned Checkouts section of the Orders module, click Export at the top of the page. Specify the export range and click Export.


An Excel spreadsheet can hold 1 million rows at most. If you have a huge number of abandoned checkouts, export them in batches. The batches will be queued, which may take lots of time to finish exporting.



Manually Sending Customers Recovery Emails Containing Abandoned Checkout Links

SHOPLINE supports sending customers recovery emails with links to their abandoned checkouts to improve conversion. The emails can be sent either manually or automatically. However, the automatic email-sending feature provided by the SHOPLINE for the Abandoned Checkouts module (old version) has ceased receiving updates as of July 1, 2023. This functionality has been migrated to SmartPush. With its powerful marketing capabilities, the SmartPush App aims to provide you with better services. For more details, please refer to the SmartPush Abandoned Checkout Recovery documentation.

For more information about abandoned checkout recovery emails, refer to Recovering Abandoned Checkouts.

You can send recovery emails to the Abandoned checkouts list or the abandoned checkout details page.

  • In the Abandoned checkouts list: Click the Send email button from the Actions column to send the email individually. You can also select multiple abandoned checkouts and click the Batch send emails button in the menu bar.
  • In the abandoned checkout details page: Click into the details page and, in the Send this URL to the customer so they can complete their order easily section, click Send a recovery email to send the email. The sent time is displayed once the email has been sent.
  • For each abandoned checkout, the recovery email can be sent once every 24 hours.
  • If a customer creates a new abandoned checkout within the recovery time you've set, the recovery for the customer's previous abandoned checkout will be canceled to avoid causing unnecessary trouble to.
  • If an abandoned checkout is successfully recovered via email, no more emails can be sent.
  • SHOPLINE deletes unavailable products when sending abandoned checkout recovery emails. For example, a deleted product will be removed from the email. If all products in an abandoned checkout are deleted, the email will not be sent to the customer, and the abandoned checkout link becomes invalid.
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