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Navigation Menu


The navigation menus, placed in the header or footer of the store, allow customers to quickly find elements or go to the pages they need. For example, you can place products, categories, custom pages, external links, and more in the navigation menus. Learn how to set up a navigation menu.


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Add Navigation Menus

There are two default menus created for you when you set up your store: Main menu and Footer. Default menus can be edited but not deleted. To add additional menus, go to Online Store > Navigation and click Create the navigation button in the upper right corner. Learn about editing menus and adding items to them in the following sections.

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Edit Navigation Menus

In the Navigation tab, click the menu title to enter its details page. You can edit the menu’s name. In the Edit menu items section, you can add or edit menu items. 

2-1-Edit Navigation Menus.png

Add Menu Items

To add a menu item, click Add menu item. To add a submenu under a menu item, click the plus icon. 

Available page types are as follows:

  • Home: Goes to the store homepage.
  • Search: Goes to the store search page.
  • Product Category: Goes to either the all categories page or a certain product list page.
  • Product: Goes to either all products page or a certain product details page.
  • Custom Page: Goes to a custom page configured in the Custom Page tab.
  • External Links: Goes to the website address directly, such as Facebook pages, blogs, etc.
  • No Links: Displays only the title without any redirection. 

Edit Menu Items

To edit a menu item, click the pencil icon to edit its name and the linked page. Click the bin icon to delete the menu item.

Manage the Order and Hierarchy of Menus

You can rearrange your menu items by dragging and dropping the six-dots control.

2-2-Dragging and Dropping.png

To further organize your menu items into layers, you can move a menu item up or down a tier by using the Left Arrow or Right Arrow icons. The Arrow icons automatically appear when you hover over a menu item.

2-3-Move to Lower Tier.png2-4-Move to Upper Tier.png



Displaying Menus on Storefront

After you’ve finished adding or editing the navigation menu, go to Online Store > Design. In the My theme tab, click Design to enter the editing page. Here, you can replace the current menu with another one in the Header or Footer section. 

3-Displaying Menus on Storefront.png


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