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How To Integrate Third-Party Tool - ZOHO Forms

ZOHO Forms is a contact form tool convenient for oversea costumers to use and it supports sending inquiries directly to the email with a quote of 500 emails for free. 


Here is a look at the email form. 



To create a form like this, you just need to follow the steps below. 

1. Business registration and Zoho Forms account verification

Click here to register. 

Email verification: Login to your email to verify and make sure you complete this step for inquiries to reach your email. 


2. Setup ZOHO Forms 

1. Once you have signed up, you will see a default page, click "CREATE A NEW FORM" to create one.  mceclip5.png

2. In the "Create Form Page", select "Blank Form". If you choose "From Templates", then use templates. 

In the "Form name" field, fill in "GET A QUOTE" or "GET FREE SAMPLES". The "Description" field is not mandatory, but you can fill in something to attract your visitors such as the type of discount you offer, then click "Create" to complete the process. 



3. Form creation

The tags are on the left-hand side, you can drag them into the middle. 

Once you have clicked the title or tag, you will be able to edit description and placement on the right-hand side. 

*Note: Only ask customers for necessary information. If you put too many questions down, customers might not be willing to fill in the form. 

It is recommended that you only collect Name, Email, Phone, WhatsApp (or other contact methods), Message, and keep the mandatory fields to Email and Message. 



The following tags are required settings: 

Drag "Name", "Email", "Phone", "Single Line", and "Multi Line" on the left to the middle. 

  • Set the Email field as mandatory. 

Click "Email" and check the "Mandatory" checkbox under "Validation". 

Once you see a red asterisk on the top right corner of "Email", it indicates you have successfully set up. 

  • Phone description

Remind customers to leave their country code or you will not be able to decipher which country this number is coming from and will not be able to contact them as a result. 

Click Phone, and fill in the field for "Instructions" with "Please Start with Area Code". 




  • WhatsApp (or other contact methods)

Click "Single Line", and modify the "Field Label" to "WhatsApp" (or other contact methods) on the right hand side. In the field under "Instructions", write "We will contact you in 48 hours". 

Even though this is not mandatory, it is always good practice to leave as many contact methods as possible. 

(You can fill in 12 hours, 24 hours or any length of time according to your business needs in the field.) 



  • Leave the "Message" mandatory so customers can leave their feedback. 

Click "Multi Line" and put "Message" into the "Label Field", then check "Mandatory". 



  • Set tag location

Click "GET A QUOTE", and select "Left" under "Label Placement" to keep a simple and clean look. Once you are done, click Save on the top right corner to update your progress. 



  • Preview form

Click the "Access Form" button on the top right corner to preview the form. If you do not like the composition or design, you can navigate the "Themes" to select another template. 



3. Thank You Page

Once the form is submitted, there will be a "Thank You Page" to let customers know their form has been successfully submitted. 

Setup rules: When the email field is not empty, it will be redirected to the thank you page. Steps are as follows: 

Click "Rules" on the navigation bar to open the Setting Rule page. Click "Form Rules" on the left hand side and click the "Configure Now" button in the middle. mceclip14.png


In the popup window to edit, fill or select: 

  • Rule Name: "Thank You Page"
  • If "Any" "Email" "Is Not Empty", then "Redirect To""Click on the edit section on the right hand side"(Must click to set up Thank you Page)
  • In the edit section for the "Thank You Page", select "Plain Text" and fill in "Thank you! We will contact you soon." then click Done to save your progress. 


  • At last, click Add to save your "Thank You Page" rules. 




1. Set up an email to receive forms (Registered email must be verified)


Click Settings in navigation to open the settings rules page. Click "Email Notifications" on the left hand side then click the "Configure Now" button in the middle. 


  • Set the outgoing and incoming mail box. If you are on the free version, both incoming and outgoing email addresses will be the same. 
  • Select "Email" from the drop down menu next to the "Subject" field. 
  • Check the box for "Include form submission in the body of the email", click the "Save" button on the bottom left corner to complete the process. 



    2. Obtain the form link to put on the website

Click "Share" in navigation to open access. Click "Public" on the left hand side and the "enabled" toggle will turn on by default, make sure to double check it. Copy the Form Permalink (URL), and embed the URL through SHOPLINE Admin. 


4. Embedding ZOHO Forms into the SHOPLINE website

1. Login to SHOPLINE Admin > [Online Store] > [Menu Navigation] > [Homepage] to see the setup interface. If your website has many sets of navigations, all those that need a form will need to be setup. 


2. On the setup page for "Navigation menu", click "Create the navigation". In the "Navigation name" field, enter your ZOHO form name "GET A QUOTE" or "GET FREE SAMPLES". 


3. Click Add the menu item and directly paste the link into the field "Referral URL".  


4. Embedding the ZOHO form on the website homepage


1. On the top of the ZOHO website form, find [Share] > [Embed] > [JavaScript] and copy this code. 



2. Open the website, enter the homepage design > [Layout] > [Custom HTML]


3. Input the code you copied during Step 1 into the editing field and click submit to add to homepage. 


5. Homepage view




6. Insert the ZOHO form into the custom page

1. On the ZOHO page, find [Share] > [Embed] > [JavaScript] then copy the code. 
2. Create a custom page
3. Embed the copied code and set the width to 100% then click "Save" to update. The custom page can be made accessible through menu navigation setup. 

7. Inquiry test: 

  1. Open the website and click "GET A QUOTE" in the menu navigation, and check to see if the form opens on a new tab and whether the questions are aligned with what you setup. 
  2. Fill in the form to see whether the mandatory field took effect. 
  3. Submit the form and check to see if you were directed to a Thank You Page. 
  4. Check your email to see whether you received the inquiry. 
  5. The inquiry will also be saved in ZOHO FORMS Admin, login to view and export. 
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