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Swatches Plug-in User Guide

If there are colors in your product attributes, the swatch plug-in will provide you with a more direct color perception to customers~


Set path:
Product Management >> New Product / Click on the product that needs to use this function >> Multiple styles

The plugin "Swatches" will provide automatic color matching capabilities. We will perform automatic color value matching based on multiple color names corresponding to the specifications you entered.


In order to adapt to more usage scenarios, we additionally provide the capability of "fuzzy matching" for colors. If you check "Enable fuzzy matching" in the plug-in, the automatic matching between text information and colors in the specification can be realized.

For example, if the color is entered as "the best-selling red this season" under the specification, the color value of "red" can be matched.

(If the target language you fill in is not Chinese or English, don’t worry, we will support automatic translation matching for German, Russian, French, Spanish, Japanese, Thai, and Traditional Chinese.)




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