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Set Up Customer Service Email

When running a boutique store, you can set the email address (customer service email) for contacting customers as brand email or personal email in the backend of the store. When a customer receives an email, the sender of the email will display your store name and settings. A good custom mailbox can help you build a professional brand image and efficiently gain the trust of customers.


1. Setting Instructions: 

You may go to [Settings] > [Basic Settings] on your store admin, and set up customer service email under "Customer service email address".




2. Functional effect

Currently, there are two situations for customer service email customization settings:
1. Third-party ordinary mailbox: such as, etc. When the customer receives the email, the sender will display [shop name <> via ""]
Such as:


2. Brand email or business email with domain name: such as

When the customer receives the email, the sender will display [Store Name <>]

Note: If you use this type of email, you need to click "Management" in the prompt below to obtain configuration information to complete the verification.



3. Verification Process

Step 1: Click on 'Manage' to verify your domain.




Step 2:

When you click [Verify now], you can click View configuration information (including 3 CNAME records) and go to the domain host to verify. The following will take Alibaba Cloud as an example, log in to the Alibaba Cloud domain name hosting backend [Cloud DNS] > [Domain Name Resolution], and add 3 records of configuration information to the domain name resolution area. The rest of the domain name hosting platforms are similar in operation~

Step 3:

After adding 3 CNAME record values, go back to the backend of the store and refresh the page, you will see the sign that the domain name status is verified, if not, you can check it again after about 1 minute.


After the verification is successful, when you wait for the order status or send other emails to customers, the email address will only display your store name and brand email address!

Note: When you change to another brand email or business email with a domain name, you need to re-authenticate. If you still use the original verified email address after modification, you do not need to re-verify.