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Facebook Business Extension

The new Facebook Business Extension (FBE for short) can connect the online store with the Facebook Business Management Platform (BM), public homepage, Facebook corporate advertising account, Facebook pixel, and Instagram corporate account by connecting in the background of the SHOPINE store. , the integration of product information, easily set up Facebook pixels, and report data, so as to improve the operational efficiency of the seller's independent website.

In addition, SHOPLINE's FBE has added a Facebook data sharing plug-in - merchants can choose to set the level of consumer data sharing when using it.

  • Standard: Using the Facebook Pixel (third-party cookies), customers' browsing behavior on your online store is collected and shared. Browser-based ad blockers can prevent pixel code from collecting data.
  • Enhanced: Combines all data sharing options for maximum customer engagement. It uses the Conversion API (CAPI) to share data to Facebook directly from Shopline's servers, which means ad blockers cannot block this data.

Note: If you plan to use CAPI to report data, in addition to the FB business extension kit, SHOPLINE also supports manual input of FB pixel and access token (Access Token), click to view the detailed tutorial !

1. How to use the Facebook Business Extension

First of all, before using this plugin in the SHOPLINE background, please confirm whether your personal Facebook account has the following permissions:

  • Business management platform (BM) management authority
  • Facebook Page Admin Access
  • Facebook Ads Account Admin Privileges
  • Directory administrator permissions
  • Facebook pixel admin access
  • Setting up the Facebook Business Extension

1. After confirmation, go to [Settings] >> [Marketing Settings] >> [Facebook Business Extensions] and click [Install Extensions Only]



2. After confirming the Facebook login account, click [Continue as account name]


3. After reading the instructions for linking Shopline store and Facebook, click [Continue] to set


4. Select the asset to be bound and click Continue


5. Consent to Authorization


6. Complete the concatenation

Reach this page and click "Finish" to successfully connect the "Facebook Business Extension"!


7. After opening Facebook Data Sharing Plugin >> [Enable Plugin] , select Set Consumer Data Sharing Level.


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