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In order to help you relocate your store faster and better, SHOPLINE can currently support the export form of SHOPLAZZA products to directly upload to SHOPLINE stores for SHOPLAZZA products, which improves the efficiency of relocation and reduces the error rate and time cost caused by manual relocation.


Operation Steps

1. Download your products using the SHOPLAZZA product 




2. Upload the product form to SHOPLINE store

Log in to your SHOPLINE store, click [Product > Product Management > Import Products > Import Locally], then select the form downloaded from the shopkeeper, and import it.



Things to note

  • In order to achieve the expected effect of this function, it is recommended that all files are derived from the product export features of SHOPLAZZA, and no modification is made to the content of the file after export
  • Since the product information data structure of the SHOPLAZZA is not completely consistent with the product information data structure of SHOPLINE, the following special points need to be paid attention to:


1. Some fields will not be imported

Since the fields in the SHOPLAZZA tables have different logic or no corresponding fields in SHOPLINE, they will be skipped directly and will not be imported when studying the import file.

Fields: product ID, logistics required, product tax, virtual sales, supplier URL, product remarks, style remarks, product SPU


2. Some fields will be changed

Since SHOPLINE and the SHOPLAZZA tables have different character limits for different fields, if long characters are entered in some fields, some characters will be retained or the import will fail. The fields involved and their descriptions are as followed:

SHOPLAZZA table fields

SHOPLINE table fields

Character Restrictions in Each Field of the SHOPLINE Form

Product Subtitle


Cannot exceed 255 characters

SEO title

SEO title

Cannot exceed 255 characters

SEO Description

SEO description

Cannot exceed 1024 characters



  • The length of a single label, cannot exceed 100 characters
  • The total number of tags is limited to 60

Product SKU


The number of SKUs for a single product cannot exceed 500, otherwise the product will fail to import


Master Images

  • If the total number of product main image + product sub-image of a single product exceeds 40, SHOPLINE will deduplicate the image of the product in the shop artisan table and cut forward the first 40 images, and import them into SHOPLINE;

  • For example, if there is ABCDAB, delete the two ABs at the end, and keep the AB at the beginning

Main Image


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