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Adding Details to Product Pages

Adding information such as logistics and payment details to product pages can enhance the shopping experience by providing customers with crucial information upfront. This transparency can increase trust and reduce potential cart abandonment, leading to higher conversion rates. Additionally, having this information readily available can streamline the buying process, making it more convenient for customers.


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Add Additional Content and Create Custom Page


For the delivery method, payment method and other information in different countries/regions, you can add additional contents directly on the product detail page to show customers, and reduce the chance of wrong orders, and abandoned orders.

Different versions of theme templates have varying paths for adding additional contents. In the Theme Shop, you can find the template version in the lower right corner of each template under Theme shop tab. To add content based on the selected template, follow the path described below:

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, click Online Store > Design > Design to enter the store design page.
  2. Add additional content
  • Theme templates of version 2.0 and above: Go to Theme setting > Product > click Additional content, and select the custom page where you want to add content (you can add up to 3 custom pages).

  • Theme templates of Version 1.0: Click Theme setting, Select Products, go to Additional content, and select the custom page where you want to add content (you can add up to 3 custom pages).

Note: To use custom pages, you should create them and add contents in advance. For the operation method of custom pages, you can refer to Creating Custom Pages. If a custom page is not edited, you can directly click the arrow in the upper right corner of the custom content to go to the custom page editing page.


  1. After adding a custom page, you can also set different display methods based on your needs.
  • Theme templates version 2.0 and above support the addition of titles, icons, images, file descriptions, and more, as well as the option for folded content display. These additional contents are displayed below product descriptions.
  • Theme templates of version 1.0 support setting display methods for both computer and mobile devices, including the option for folded content display. Once selected, additional contents will be displayed  below product descriptions.


  1.  After setting, click Save in the upper right corner.


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