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"Product filters & color palette" App - Color Palette User Guide

The "Product filters & colour palette" app will provide an automatic color matching feature. Based on multiple colour names corresponding to the variations you created, the system will match the colour value automatically.


1. Steps to use the app

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Apps] and select the App Store tab. Select Product filters & color palette > Color palette tab.


2. Feature introduction

In order to adapt to more scenarios, we additionally provide colour "fuzzy matching". If you check select "Fuzzy matching colour" on the app, the system can automatically match the text information with color according to the variations of the store.

(Path to edit product variations: [Product] > [Product Management] > Variants)

For example, if the color is entered as "HOT SALE RED" in the specification, it can match the color value of "red".


After the color palette is set successfully, it will be applied to the storefront product list page shown as follows:



*Note: In order to ensure that the color you enter can be automatically matched, please refer to the international color list specification for "color naming". The following table will show the examples in Simplified Chinese and English.

If the target language you fill in is not Simplified Chinese or English, we will support automatic translation matching for German, Russian, French, Spanish, Japanese, Thai, and Traditional Chinese.)


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